Koffee With Karan Season 4 Recap: Parineeti Chopra And Alia Bhatt

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Parineeti Chopra Alia Bhatt

It’s time for Karan Johar to hand back his Samsung tablet and for the marketing chaps at Idea to figure out what all those crores spent on sponsoring a question on this past season of Koffee With Karan got them – other than a series of mostly identical answers. On the last episode of season four of Koffee With Karan, which aired on Sunday, April 6, KJo brought back Alia Bhatt and paired her with supposed rival Parineeti Chopra. We say supposed because Johar readily copped to manufacturing much of their pretend rivalry by asking his guests this season who they thought had the better future of the duo. Sadly for Johar, the two came across more like pals rather than arch enemies, who seemed to frequently swap notes in their respective fields of expertise. The two 20-somethings were at times charmingly youthful and at others like giddy-headed teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert. While Chopra breathlessly professed her undying love for Saif Ali Khan (to which Kareena Kapoor once told her, “it’s ok”), Bhatt said her heart beats for Ranbir Kapoor. For the last time this season, we sniff out the bullshit factor, rating it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a crock o’ Leprechaun gold, and 1 being honest-to-God sainthood.

Parineeti Chopra And Alia Bhatt Really Are Single
If there’s one thing we learned from watching seasons of KWK, it’s that denial is the default answer when actors are asked about a potential coupling. Not that that’s ever deterred Johar from trying to sniff out the slightest rise in the pheromone levels on his AC’ed set. Despite hectoring Chopra about Maneesh Sharma, one of Yash Raj Films’s in-house producers, Johar got pretty much nowhere with Chopra maintaining that the thought of her and Sharma just seemed “wrong” and that she was very open to finding love with someone else. “I have no reason to be single,” she sniffed, as did Bhatt who said she felt her singlehood most acutely at the end of the year. “December is holiday season,” she said. “Everyone is hanging out with a cute guy. And I’m like hmmm, nothing to do.”

Two Actresses Really Can Be Friends
There was little evidence of the supposed bad blood between Chopra and Bhatt and that’s because Johar, well, just made it up (score one for television standards!). Unlike pretend buds Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, who were noticeably cool with each other in a previous episode of KWK, the girls seemed to share a comfortable camaraderie. To be sure, Bhatt had said that Chopra makes her feel insecure in her last appearance on the show. But she might feel more on par with Chopra after her critically acclaimed performance in Highway. Much of the supposed rivalry hinged on Bhatt’s opinion that Chopra needed help in the fashion department. Chopra gamely joked that she has hired Bhatt as her stylist. And Bhatt, in her best stylist voice, said, “Whenever she’s most comfortable, she’s her best.” And to bury this (false) horse in the ground once and for all, Chopra, when asked by Johar who she thought was her biggest competition, said flatly, “No one.”

Karan Johar By Any Other Name…Is Called Pappu
Johar and Chopra briefly discussed pet names before Bhatt took her place on his couch. People are usually loath to reveal the embarrassing monikers they’re fondly called at home. Chopra’s is Tisha (her cousin Priyanka’s is Mimi), which in the spectrum of nicknames is far from cringeworthy. Johar claimed that even though he always wanted one, he has never had a pet name, save Coffee uncle, which is what the kids in his building call him. But that’s not quite true. In a previous episode of KWK, Hrithik Roshan called him Pappu. No wonder he lied.

Alia Bhatt’s General Knowledge Has Not Improved
The last time she was on KWK, Bhatt famously named Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan when Johar asked her co-guests and her to name the President of India. It seemed that Bhatt did a bit of homework before returning to the show. When Johar asked her who the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is, Bhatt correctly answered Akhilesh Yadav. Alas, Bhatt went on to demonstrate that she still has the GK of a ten-year-old (and not, bless, as daddy Bhatt said in a pre-taped video “an intellect, which is far far more awesome than I had at your age”). During the quiz round, she failed to say the full form of BJP, didn’t know the Hindi words for Independence Day and her reaction to Johar’s question about the Chairperson of the Indian National Congress was, “Chairperson?” Our advice to Bhatt: just read the newspaper.

Parineeti Chopra 5/10
Alia Bhatt 6/10
Karan Johar 7/10

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Comments (8)

  1. rafi |

    i love parineeti….alot nd i like alia… pareeniti is tu sweet.may both of them hav bright future.

  2. snigdha |

    parineeti talks so much.isko to main bilkul like nehi karti.ye ak time pe bolti hain ki priyanka helped her.dusre hi time bolti hain ki usne khud apna rasta banaya.i think,actually i m sure that parineeti has a very cheap and down mentality.uski interviews dekh kar pata chaltahe.rubbish!!dhong karti hain.jitna wo hain usse jiyada bolti hain.that i did it.i did that.none helped me.i m hardworking bla bla bla…bhutni kahi ki…alia is far better than her in mentality.gk can be little of anyone…

  3. just saying |

    For a season finale it was quite a let down…. also i think this whole season hasnt been half as good as the previous ones. Also shahrukh coming twice in a season is great.. but Alia Bhatt… by popular demand! seriously?!

  4. Observer |

    Relatively decent. Parineeti was ok: Neither Smart nor dumb. Alia, on the other hand…little dumb baby…yet to grow up.

    @Aditi – You’re right. Sonam’s ‘pind’ remark was stupid. The world’s not all about JVPD Scheme.

  5. Supriya |

    I must admit to being a hardcore Koffee with Karan fan and have watched plenty of reruns. But this particular episode, unfortunately also the finale, certainly left a bad taste. Was I the only one who judged a clear bias against Parineeti on the show?

  6. DecafKoffee |

    Disagreed with – ” the two came across more like pals ”
    It was fairly evident that Parineeti was trying to be friendly and warm- and ignoring any condescending vibes. She dodged most questions with grins and smacking her hands.
    Alia seemed unresponsive to Parineeti, and failed to establish a temporary camaraderie. Her glances to Koffee Uncle and general expressions depicted that she was not comfortable or agreeable – and she came across as stand-offish.

    Inviting Alia back by *public demand* ? Really?
    BULLSHIT METER for Koffee Uncle = 10/10

  7. Ambika |

    With all due respect, I notice a lot of bias. I’ve read every recap. Alia was totally lost in the quiz round. But what about Parineeti being obnoxious and butting in every minute? (I liker her, but wanted to tape her mouth at the time.)… You noticed the BJP and Congress thing but not Sonam’s De Niro moment and Anil Kapoor forgetting the guy who gave him the chance to be in the Oscars?

  8. Aditi |

    I really liked this episode but I secretly wished Parineeti had said something really mean about Sonam Kapoor in retaliation to the “pind” remark. But I guess Parineeti is too cool for that.
    Alia may not have a great GK but she comes across as far more sensible and mature compared to even senior actresses like Kareena and Sonam who refuse to grow up and take pride in acting dumb.