Store Review: Sidewalks of the World

August 23, 2013 7:22 am by

Tchotchke heaven or just grannies gone wild? New Bandra home store Sidewalks of the World, a three-storey glass fronted shop that you can’t help but notice on Chapel Road, is the kinda place you’d want to go if a) you had to buy your grandma another gift for her coffee table and b) you just had to have a ceramic eyelashed cow painted in a rainbow patchwork.

Started by businessman Rajiv Biyani, formerly of the Future Group which his family owns, Sidewalks stocks furniture too, and other assorted items from printed pillows (sourced from The Mansion in New Delhi) and food-shaped magnets to a tuba lamp (human-sized) and sleek wood framed sunglasses (by Dutch brand Monkeyglasses) but really it’s tchotchke central. Frogs, elephants, chefs, cherubic eyed children (made by famed Italian porcelain company Sibania), dancers, jesters, ladies of leisure, horny men and googly eyed cows (by the French Ceramique Fara) – they’ve got ‘em in all sizes and iterations from on wine corks to teapots to just standalone items with no purpose at all (we have our eye on this little number here). Biyani found many of them on his travels around the world, driving through villages and knocking on doors to find artists, he says, that couldn’t be found on the Internet.

The result then is a store where you’re likely to stumble upon everything from hen-shaped candles (cute) to the bust of a bulldog in a cravat (odd). Display is a bit scattershot, admittedly, with the near 3,500 square feet space approached more as a repository rather than a thoughtful retail shop where one could possibly showcase neat ideas for presentation and use. Still, with plans to soon host workshops and jazz nights and a cafe and gallery, it has the ability to become an always welcome if rather curious cultural venue. Plus, if you’ve long hankered for a porcelain Hells Angel angel (see image) you now know where to go.

Prices range from Rs690 for magnets to Rs1.5 lakh for a couch. For details, visit