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July 29, 2013 7:38 am by

Nasha marks the Bollywood debut of Mallika Sherawat wannabe Sherlyn Chopra wannabe Poonam Pandey (as the booby school teacher Ms. Anita). It also marks the return of Amit Saxena as a director after a full ten years. His last film Jism was all erotic and sexual and whatnot, much like this one. It also had a legitimate story, very much unlike this one. Maybe it would’ve just been a better idea for him to stay retired while he was ahead.

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  1. Lakkhan |

    haha nice 1 man :)

  2. nikhil |

    “How can You be such a slime, You Slime??”
    hahahahaa award winning one liner dude :D

  3. Ramees |

    What the hilarious shit Batman!!

  4. I had watched this movie and I agree it was a crap movie – I wonder where our morals and creativity has disappeared in the last few years?

  5. Geetika |

    Loved the last part you jumbled upon !! yaaa yaaaa n the way you defined your name inteligently ;)

  6. Priyanka Karandikar |

    Your review is neat. Cheap trash of a movie, and am not sure where the moral police went, who prevent movies like Viswaroopam from being released on flimsy grounds. Can’t imagine why this one was made at all, unless the producer was actually intending to make a loss for tax reasons.

  7. Maansi Sharma |

    I cannot believe you actually went to watch this flick! Though I am thankful you did.. This made my day!

  8. Sreehari |

    waiting for your review of chennai express …* evil grin*

  9. Avin |

    Great to see you back in your elements Sahil.. Awesome writing…

  10. s |

    Too good! esp the temple run part!

  11. Saurabh |

    C’on dude admit it- it’s a real story based on ur life :p