When You Want To Travel Like A Colonial-Era Officer….

July 24, 2013 7:34 am by

A campaign cot in teakwood, canvas and metal. Estimate: Rs55,000 – Rs80,000.

The next time you want to go glamping in the ghats, you might want to get your mitts on a campaign bed. Of course you’ll need a retinue of staff to tote it along with the gramophone, the side table, the cot, and the brass photo frame to recreate the comforts of home, but no matter. These were vital accoutrements for the colonial officer or well-heeled Indian during the days of the British Raj, for whom “travelling light” was a laughable fantasy. The fun pieces of “campaign furniture” are currently on display at Saffronart’s Prabhadevi exhibition venue, ahead of their Travel and Leisure auction on Monday, July 29 and Tuesday, July 30. “The daybed makes for a wonderful coffee table,” said Shivajirao Gaekwar from Saffronart, when asked how one might utilise these pieces today (one daybed actually does fold over into a coffee table). Other gems include a penny-farthing bicycle, a Leica III G camera and a colonial-era water canteen, with a centre tube that was usually filled with ice for keeping the thirsty traveller’s tipple of choice cool.

Price estimates for campaign pieces range from Rs25,000 to Rs75,000. To see the catalogue, visit Saffronart.com