The Vigil Idiot: Murder 3

February 18, 2013 7:50 am by

Another week, another sequel! Or, as the Bhatts like to call it, “Ae! Library se ek DVD utha ke la, na?” The DVD being remade here is The Hidden Face. But, while the Colombian original is a slick thriller, this movie is basically two hours of unintentional hilarity starring Randeep Hooda (playing brooding hero Vikram), Aditi Rao Hydari (as girlfriend Roshni), and Sara Loren (as other girlfriend Nisha). Quick trivia: Actress Sara Loren used to go by the name Mona Lizza till some time back! She’d do well to go back to it now, because that pseudonym is infinitely less embarrassing than being associated with the horrendousness that is this movie.

Sahil Rizwan is a 25-year-old freelance writer and creator of The Vigil Idiot. When he’s not busy doing everything in his power to avoid taking up a 9-to-5 desk job, you can probably find him curled up in front of a TV or his laptop. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Nikhil |

    Loved your review… btw, the best drawing in the entire panel was that of the wash basin… actually looks real

  2. anusha |

    cheetah is simply epic! Lmfao!

  3. Srikkanth Sridhar |

    Dude…the cheetah is simply epic!!!!!!! loved the comic strip

  4. vandana |

    love the cheetah…u rackkk dyooood. so very flawed this movie. thanx for saving ppeople’s precious buck through your writings. way to go!

    but please be consistent in your timings of putting up articles. we wait and wait…and check through ‘windows’ for an article arriving. and ya, do something about this zilla ghaziabad shit. it’s anyway funny w/o ur comments. you’d fire it up.

  5. Rajiv |

    @critic troll buster is Mukesh Bhatt

  6. Vramori |

    @critic troll buster: dude. just one question. Seriously?!
    (as much as i Luuurved reading the comic, your comment was the cherry on top!) :) )
    @Sahil: Hi5 maar, yaar!

  7. Neeti |

    Hmmm .. This “official” remake of ‘The Hidden Face’ was made as Murder part 3 just in the same way Infernal Affairs wasn’t made as Face Off part 3.

  8. Abhishek |

    Dude exactly how long are you planning to remain a 25 year old? On another note, the comics are awesome… crack me up every single time…. many a paisa vasool for bad movies has happened via vigil idiot!

  9. A |

    Hilarious.. ROFL!!! loooovvvee the sarcasm :) Keep the good work coming!!

  10. Harsh |

    I dare you to strip “Zila Ghaziabad”

  11. WordsMyth |

    @Critic Troll Buster… Aww, did the mean, ol’ satirical critic make you cry, little boy? Why don’t you go cry to your mama, while I play you a song on the world’s smallest violin? Or, rather, you could get a life… Your choice…

  12. Another first timer |

    @critic troll buster This is the best..! and the only message your comment conveys is that you are the one who’s sexually frustrated and brain dead sick son of a bitch..! get lost..!

  13. critic troll buster |

    Mr. Idiot, sahil rizwan and your brain dead fan base are the trolls that are sexually frustrated and impotent. Since this is all the audience that you will ever get in your entire life. MURDER 3 is an OFFICIAL REMAKE of HIDDEN FACE like DEPARTED was of Infernal Affairs but you would obviously want to ignore that or so you sound mentally challenged. And everything you hate about murder 3 is taken from the “slick” hidden face. The writers of hidden face are credited in Murder 3. So you wannabe get over the colonial hangover and have the guts to abuse after you get your facts right or have an audience large enough to make your life matter. Good luck moron. Did not expect Mumbai Boss to have such crap trolls as writers. Spoofs are fun but this is not a spoof. Its a poorly done defamation without basic facts by a troll.

  14. Ashwathi |

    Multicrore mansion and can’t afford a 5K ka inverter!!! ROFL…..FAB dude.

  15. Neety |

    Ha Ha, also, not to forget: (i) she was an architect and din’t do shit about it; (ii) took her clothes and forgot the food and other essential; (iii) kept on passing comments like she was watching a B grade movie in capital; and (iv) the creepy mali.

    Nice one!!! Anything on ABCD? What’s next – zilla gaziabad?

  16. Atul Kabra |

    Dude.. this was hilarious. But the count of your movie reviews is dropping.. awaiting reviews for others flicks..

  17. I break my head every friday to write reviews of these meaningless flicks. Your piece of creativity is definitely worth an applause… Great work.. looking for Zila Ghaziabad’s review :)

  18. Scarlett |

    hi5 maar, yaar!

  19. Jagmeet Singh |

    This has to be the best ever Cheetah in the history! Super work!

  20. Anuj |

    Awesome man……

  21. Jeet |

    Dude…..nailed it once again. U Raaaack!!!
    I feel, the cheetah deserves an Oscar ;)

  22. Mangesh |

    Murder of common sense! Hilarious, man!

  23. Rajatha |

    Best one ever! Specially Cheetah saying “Bitch, u crazy?”

  24. Sallien |

    Pls show this to obnxious Rohan Joshi and Shaheen Bhatt.

  25. Sadaf |

    Awesome review!!
    keep up the good work… loved the cheetah especially… :)

  26. richa |

    This was hilarious…marry me please.

  27. Santpreet Arora |

    fucking hilarious man.. dont listen to some self-proclaimed critics here.. such disgusting movies need bashing up… also, u have ur USP… it’s what got ‘em to ur posts in d 1st place… keep it up… i’m sure a large section of us doesnt find u repetitive… looking forward to other posts

  28. NNS |

    God bless the Cheeta…he was the only sensible character in this mess called murder 3!!!!

  29. Abhi |

    Special 26 plot is full of gaping holes. I’m soo waiting for your review. I have a feeling it’ll be awesomesause :)

  30. Aparna |

    Watched a FULL 30 minutes of the drivel and then walked off for a much better, cuter Wreck-it Ralph. 30 minutes of life wasted! The fact that it was a free ticket had nothing going for it. Yuck! Somebody put the Bhats in the loony bin for assualt on the senses and the non-senses!

  31. Amrita Joneja |

    HA HA HA
    Loved it

  32. Ayesha Khan |

    Fuckin’ hilarious! Seems a bit rushed but you had me at the Cheetah part

  33. Shahed |

    gr8 as usual..but looks repetitive..
    Its high time we should point out holes from vigil idiot narration…what u say guys..

  34. Ryan |

    The Cheetah was absolutely hilarious.. “Bitch, you crazy?”! ROTFLMAO!

  35. Vidooshak |

    Agree with Anirban there. You have such talent, it is sad to see you going after the low-hanging fruits Saahil. How hard is it to make fun of an obviously scriptless hack job like Murder 3 and everything else by the Bhatts?

    Wish you’d take on some allegedly GOOD movies such as Special 26, Vicky Donor, Kahaani, and so on… and create spoofs out of those. I’m sure despite their awesomeness, someone like you can find the humor and logic-holes in them

  36. Namrata |

    “Hi5 maar, yaar”

    Hilarious!! Thanks for making my Monday :D

  37. Awesome! The Cheetah gave the best performance in the entire story! :D

  38. Nidz |

    Hilarious! this is my first read by The Vigil Idiot and i loved it. Good work!

  39. Have to say this |

    The move is an exact copy of La Cara Occulta. Okay, there is a difference, the male character is a Music Composer/conductor, not a wild life photogrpaher

  40. Kiwi |

    Where is the murder in the movie?

  41. kangkana |

    By the way the movie is named Murder3 right??So who on earth died??bwa-ha-ha hilarious piece indeed.

  42. Roshni Devi |

    Bwahhaha, the cheetah!

  43. As usual bang on. Enjoyed every word of it.

  44. Radha Rajan |

    Lol again!! Didn’t like anything about the promos except Randeep Hooda so wasn’t going to watch it anyways,but this is howlarious! basic logic appears rocket science to these guys.well praise the audience that goes to watch it!Great job by you though.

  45. Asha |

    LOVE the cheetah :) He should have been the hero!

  46. Sharalene Moonjely |

    This has to be the best ever! Had a super start to the monday reading your review….. keep it coming :D

  47. Anirban |

    You are getting extremely, EXTREEEMELY repititive…I really miss strokes of genius like Prince, Sex and the city and Raavan…

  48. Rashmi |

    Hilarious yet again. But hang on. Nobody dies??

  49. Logic is for liberal commie whippersnappers.

    - Filmmakers.

  50. First timer | was hilarious..but should have focussed more on the eerie happenings..bullshit movie..