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September 24, 2012 8:12 am by

I saw Heroine twice over the weekend—once because I had to, and once because of company I just couldn’t say no to. Although, that isn’t really an accurate statement when I think about it. Because, being a Madhur Bhandarkar production, this is actually a film that I’ve seen like 17 times before. He just called it Fashion. Or Page 3. Or Corporate. And when you have nothing new to say, even a cast that includes Kareena Kapoor (playing heroine Mahi Arora), Arjun Rampal (playing actor Aryan Khanna), Randeep Hooda (playing cricketer Angad Paul) and Divya Dutta (PR agent Pallavi), can do little to redeem it. On second thought, it would be pretty hard for that cast to redeem anything, really.

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  1. Shruti |

    I have just found your reviews tonight and have read a dozen already. Can’t stop reading and laughing. I can’t begin to tell you how funny you are!!!!! Going to spam everyone I know with links to your reviews… And will incorporate chu and talk to hand into my vocabulary like from right now… Ram leela and this one were so hilarious!!

  2. Neha |

    Kareena’s horseduck appearance= solid gold along with all the one liners!

  3. anuraadha tewari |

    ahahahahahaha HOW DID I MISS THIS ONE??? ps: i wrote this shit HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. yes what does CHU mean?

  5. Aisha |

    Oh i love u man…CHU….i cant stop laughing..i love the ones without the dialogue…u r too gud…keep goin

  6. aman |

    “Talk to the four time National Award winning hand!”

    Haven’t laughed aloud like that, well, since the last Vigil Idiot comic I read :D

  7. martini |

    Hilarious!! just a quick question, what does CHU mean? is it an acronym?

  8. ritu pande |


  9. Bobby Mish |

    You are a genius my man !

  10. Anju |

    Best line ” Seriously! who wrote this shit”!!!!

  11. Neeti |

    This is one of the best comics I’ve read! I was laughing the whole time…especially at the ‘hain? Like Batman?’ part. And not to mention Kareena’s appearance! Amazing. :)

  12. manvika |

    downright hilarious..have to mention: sketch of Kareena is so very awesome!

  13. Rits |

    hahahahahahaa….. HILARIOUS….. :D

  14. vidya |

    omg! hahahaha i almost fell of my chair reading this! brilliant!! :D
    “i’ve neva respected ash’s pregnant getting abilities more than right now!”
    super awesome!

  15. Horse duck!! Lol!! “Life is so hard for ppl who aren’t me” :D and “screw you buddiya” :D Hain like Batman, and KLPD.. I was laughing through out reading this whole comic version. Amazing it is…