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July 16, 2012 8:23 am by

First, the good things about director Homi Adajania’s Cocktail. It’s a great movie to look at! Although, I suspect a lot of that has to do with newcomer Diana Penty (she plays Mira) being on screen for a substantial amount of the runtime. And Deepika Padukone’s legs (as seen on the character of Veronica) have put in their finest performance in a short, but memorable career. But that’s about all I took away from this film. It lost me the moment it showed Saif Ali Khan’s character (Gautam), a software engineer who gets all the ladies. I mean, come on! Of course, that’s not the only place where the writers forgot to keep it real. Keep scrolling and see for yourself.

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  1. urvi mohan |

    Sahil Rizwan.. Hats off .. You’re the Boss !!

  2. aakash |

    i like saif ali khan most….also deepika padukon..

  3. Sarvajeet |

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this site! This is freakin awesome!!!

  4. i like deepika padukone acting in this movie .. awesome and sexy ! :P

  5. aarkayne |

    ummm…wheres the Saahil of RADIO fame…..dhoondh raha hoon…last panel is nicethough….glimpses galore….come back saahil…..

  6. Preeti |


  7. Ishita |

    Your really are a Chandler (from FRIENDS) dude :D :D

  8. Hiral |

    Mind boggling..!! Dude u made cocktail practically nude..!! :p

  9. Sahil |

    Hahahhaa….kickass review \m/. I was pissed seeing 2 or 3 starts to a movie like cocktail in almost all the newspapers. Your review was indeed refershing. I feel at peace knowing there are at least some people , who dont consider cocktail a blockbuster \m/

  10. Simply Superb! “louved” the part where Mira goes back to her lost husband and ditches Saif ! :D ..keep up the’re truly gifted…

  11. tushar |

    If I see this movie again im gonna burst out laughing. Extremely funny blog :)

  12. drwall |

    awesome awesome awesome..
    you have a really great sense of humor.. and excellent writing skills..

    way to go.. all my best wishes :)

  13. Priyanka |

    Awesome! read this twice!
    hats off!

  14. Manali |

    ‘Jab tak hai jaan’ was the first of your movie reviews that i read n i started fishing for more such posts by you,having now read almost all of them…You r really awsome and i love your style of writing and ur sarcasm:)
    and ofcourse the brilliant caricatures…:)

  15. Nayan |

    Love all of ur reviews! Dey r jus so original n hilarious! Keep it up :D

  16. Atul |

    Awesome review……

  17. Unlike your post of Jism 2 and Ek Tha Tiger, it wasnt that funny but i guess it is appropriate over the bore and dumb movie…looking for your other posts now…..

  18. RJ369 |

    Talk to the Non-Single Hand !!????? HAHAHAHAHAHA FTW Dude!!! Freakin Awwesome :D

  19. M |

    Precisely – a girl who drinks and parties just ISN’T marriage material. However, a girl in patialas who prays to god statues IS! Wow…we haven’t moved on from that? Lame.

    Your comic was fantastic.

  20. Fatima Sham Mahimwala |

    love it! so hillarious!

  21. Paloma |

    Hilarious! Love these – keep em coming!

  22. sara |

    correct description of an incorrect movie…

  23. Priya |

    you are just awesome… loved the long legs caricature here and also sunny leone’s in ur jism 2 review… u r truely gifted!! keep up the good work.. Cheers!!