Diabetes Is The Most Common Lifestyle Disease in Mumbai

May 7, 2012 8:25 am by

Lifestyle Diseases. Diabetes has emerged the most common lifestyle disease among Mumbai residents, according to the findings of a survey conducted among 100 city-based General Practitioners by the Hindustan Times newspaper and research agency C Fore. Hypertension, posture-related problems, obesity, sleep disorders and cholesterol made up the rest of the top six, in that order, and most patients see them manifesting when they are between 30 and 40 years old. [Hindustan Times]

Domestic Help. The first-ever national policy for domestic workers, which will bring them under the purview of existing labour laws and grant them all the rights and protection available to other workers, is due to go to the Cabinet for approval. Once the policy comes into effect, domestic workers will be entitled to a minimum wage and annual paid and sick leave. [The Indian Express]

Desi Vote. A survey conducted by Washington DC-based political consultancy firm Lake Research Partners, with APIA Vote, the Asian American Institute and the Asian American Justice Center, has found that 85 per cent of Indian-Americans would like current US President Barack Obama to be elected for a second term. Indian-Americans were also the most pro-Democrats group among all the Asian-American communities polled. [Hindustan Times]