Watch Duncun Rufus at Mehboob Studios This Saturday

April 27, 2012 4:12 pm by

Over the last ten months, the Live From The Console gigs have not only featured some of the rising stars of the Indian indie music scene but also provided a platform for a number of upcoming acts to make their gigging debuts. Of the three new acts who will perform at the next edition this Saturday, April 28, we’re most curious about Duncun Rufus. This is because the band features singer-songwriter Lima Yanger and guitarist Hitesh Dhutia, two members of the short-lived Indian rock band Sleeping Buddha, which is best known for its 2002 video hit “Empty Screen”.

Duncun Rufus is the third Yanger-fronted project in the last decade. After Sleeping Buddha split up, he launched Bliss Logic with drummer Lindsay D’Mello, guitarist Sanjay Joseph and bassist JD Thirumalai. Bliss Logic split up shortly after releasing their album The Big Thaw, after which Yanger formed Duncun Rufus with Dhutia, Thirumalai, Norwegian drummer Gaute Johannesen and guitarist Vinay Lobo of the Hindi rock group Airport. Though each of Yanger’s three bands share his laid-back voice and easy compositional style, he says that while Bliss Logic was “experimental…infusing elements of rock, jazz [and] electro”, Duncun Rufus has a more back-to-basics, pop-rock sound.

You can decide for yourself which of his most recent two acts you prefer by listening to their songs here and here. If you like what you hear of Duncun Rufus, you might be pleased to know that they plan to play all the songs on their debut album Carte Blanche at their Live From The Console show—except perhaps the last track “Good Bye”, which comprises over six minutes of the sound of seawaves. Equally quirky is the story of how Duncun Rufus got its name. “If you take the first name of the street you grew up on and combine that with the name of your first pet, you have your porn name,” said Yanger who spent a large part of his childhood in the area around Duncun Road in Dimapur and had a dog called Rufus.