Auto-Rickshaw Fares Hiked Again

October 5, 2011 8:55 am by

• Fare Hike. Less than 24 hours after auto-rickshaw drivers went on their second strike in two weeks, the state government cowed down to pressure and raised fares on Tuesday, October 4. According to the new tariff, from Monday, October 10, though the basic fare of Rs11 for the first 1.6 kilometres will remain unchanged, customers will have to pay 50 paise more for every additional kilometre. However, the Mumbai Auto Rickshaw Men’s Union has said that they still plan to go on an indefinite strike from Wednesday, November 9. “This is a minor hike,” said Sharad Rao, leader of the union. “We still want a revision of the formula used to devise the fare. We will send a detailed proposal to the transport commissioner and discuss it on October 14.” [Hindustan Times]

Land Dispute. The Mumbai unit of the Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa headquarters of the Indian Army has claimed ownership of the land in Breach Candy on which Lincoln House, which currently houses the US Consulate, stands. The defence department is reported to have found a property card showing survey number 2/697 as the land owned by the military and thus plans to thwart the consulate’s plans of selling the three-storey mansion. The army is believed to have based its claim on a 1940 central government rule wherein all lands occupied by the British military were transferred in the name of the Indian Union defence ministry. [The Times of India]

• World’s Cheapest Tablet. The brainchild of Union Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal and the Indian Institute of Technology, Rajasthan, the world’s cheapest tablet computer, called Akash, will be unveiled today. The tablet, which has been manufactured by British company Datawind, will go on sale in December and will priced at Rs1,750 or $35 for students. It will run on the Android operating system, and have wi-fi connectivity, 256 MB of RAM, a 2GB SD memory card, a 32 GB expandable memory slot and two USB ports. [The Economic Times]