Sridhar/Thayil To Play New “Old” Material at Blue Frog

July 11, 2011 2:06 pm by

Jeet Thayil and Suman Sridhar. Photo: Tejal Shah.

Since Sridhar/Thayil’s last gig in Mumbai, which they staged in April at Andheri venue B69, one-half of the electro-pop act, guitarist-songwriter Jeet Thayil has shifted base to New Delhi. While this hasn’t affected their concerts much–Thayil now flies down to Mumbai a day or two ahead of the show to rehearse with singer-songwriter Suman Sridhar–it has slowed down the rate at which they write new material. Fortunately, they’ve already got a bunch of new songs that they finished when Thayil was still living in Mumbai, which they’ve never played in concert before. So when they take the stage at Lower Parel club Blue Frog on Tuesday, July 12, the set list will include a few tunes that even firm fans may not have heard before. Listen out for “Rumours of Light”, a song written by Thayil and performed on the piano by Sridhar; “Revolution”, a spoken-word piece by Thayil; and “Psychoactivated”, which they co-wrote it with Amit “Amzi” Ahuja, who will share bass playing duties with Kenneth Rebello at Blue Frog (Pravin “Pravvy Prav” Mukhi will be on the drums). Because it might be their last gig for a while (they will pursue solo projects for the next few months), the duo has decided to make it extra special. Not only will they play a longer-than-usual 15-song set, the show will also feature a guest spot by veteran trumpet player Kishore Soda (he was part of legendary Hindi film music composer RD Burman’s horn section) and will include the premiere of their debut music video “The Drowning Song”, directed by Sridhar’s sister, Suguna Sridhar.