A Look Inside Antilla

October 15, 2010 4:34 pm by

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Residents of Altamount Road, rejoice. Your street is in international news, courtesy Mukesh Ambani and family. Yesterday, the Daily News published an article detailing the facilities that will give the 27-storey Ambani tower a homely touch. These include three helipads, a health club, dance studio, ball room, 50-seat movie theatre, wait staff of 600 people and an underground parking lot for 160 cars. According to The Telegraph, the Ambani household occupies an area greater than that of the Palace of Versailles. The Guardian was told by an unnamed associate of Ambani’s, “…he has built a house to his requirements like anyone else would. It’s a question of convenience and requirements. It’s only a family home, just a big one. It’s just another home that someone is living in. It’s no big event.”

Among the other unverifiable rumours that we’ve heard about Antilla, the Ambani home, is that it has different zones for various levels domestic help, the housekeeping services have been contracted to a five-star hotel and that each season has its own set of floors so that one will know what season it is by checking which floor they’re on. Considering the fact that Mumbai has precisely two seasons—Summer and Monsoons—and the building is 550 feet tall, this means the Ambani family will, at any point in time, have floors adding up to a height of only 275 feet to hang out in.

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Comments (8)

  1. P Buddery |

    Why does it have three helipads? Will Mr Ambani be flying in two or three helicopters at once? At least it has a view, and presumably a swimming pool, and a nice corner for the sort of half-worn-out comfy chair that rich AND poor people like.


  2. MOHSIN KHAN..... |

    mere paas bhi aisa h ek ghar hoga apne parents ko gift karonga 100% inshallah….i promiss

  3. Make a home for my presant

  4. Ceee cee |

    Chhiiii!! My house is bigger den dis

  5. Ankit |

    Beauty!!! Awesome.. Well done Ambani uncle.. :)

  6. samantha |

    this house it terrible! its like a childs lego house! it has no style nor creativity, not to mention no class either.

  7. trupti pandya ghatkopar |

    its more than a heaven god bless ambani family

  8. i would love to live in this house