India Today Issues An Apology

October 14, 2010 4:07 pm by

Within minutes of posting this story on Aroon Purie’s “lifted” editorial, India Today Corporate Communications left this comment on the story (you can also see it below the original post). The unedited comment (itals are ours):

“There was an unfortunate incident with the Letter from the Editor in the southern edition of India Today’s last issue. This was a mistake. We are printing an apology for it in the southern edition. Here is a preview for your information.

‘Jet lag is clearly injurious to the health of journalism. I was in America, and still a bit bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived when we took an unusual decision: to split the cover. This is jargon for changing the cover for some editions; so while the content of the magazine remained the same worldwide, the cover that went to our readers in south India had displayed the phenomenal Rajinikanth, while our other readers saw Omar Abdullah on the cover. This meant writing two versions of ‘Letter from the Editor’. Not being an acknowledged expert on the delightful southern superstar, I asked Delhi for some inputs. Unfortunately, a couple of sentences lifted from another article were sent to me. An excuse is not an explanation. So, without any reservations, mea culpa. Apologies.’”

India Today Group Corporate Communication

What to make of this? Is it a convincing explanation? Tell us in the comments section.

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Comments (24)

  1. Munna |

    If you want to see another instance of this man integrity watch today 14 october 2012 press conference of Mr. Salman Khurshid the only good man in politics today targetted by kejriwal, arun puree (india today) and aaj tak for their mischeivious means to their ends.

  2. mahesh |

    pichki hui poori! shameful!

  3. Abhishek Agarwal |

    This is too lame an excuse from the editor of such a highly reputable national magazine. Also leaves shadows of doubts on Mr. Purie’s past works.

  4. Too lame.. this is what corporate communications doles when it is caught in the act..too lame Mr. Purie. Sorry, we don’t buy it.

  5. Indian journalism is all about plagiarism…just like Indian cinema. The only thing India excels at and expresses originality and independent thought is in the heights of corruption and depravity it can reach.

    Oh that and making some pretty good food.

  6. naram |

    What a double shame!!!!!

    First – some bloke in his office writes the piece for the editor of a leading national magazine.

    Second – it only shows how poorly an editor at such high level is aware of top film stars of his country – hey wait a minute, do we see the usual Delhi-ite’s bias towards south?


    Media has crossed all the limits of decency. Exposure of Vir Singhvi and Barkha Dutt are proof enough. Actually India is the champion of champions of fraud and degenerated media in India. But they so close to rulers and some fellos from judiciary that they appear to be invincible at present. They bound to be brought to the ground some day.

  8. Vijay Dar |

    All this has a simple explanation. Purie (ridiculous spellings, but his prerogative, I guess), never writes his own letters. He’s a big, big busy man. He just okays letters written for him by the others – I know it for a fact because I have friends at India Today. Now in this case, he got rogered because someone played a prank with him.
    The honest thing to do for him was to admit that he doesn’t write his own letters. But that would amount to admitting to a much bigger dishonesty of his, that he doesn’t write his own letters. Thus this head-in-the-ass explanation and apology from him.

  9. Sriram |

    Always thought IT was a pathetic excuse for a magazine — crappy, often sensational reports, that use easily gained anecdotal evidence than facats gained from dint of hard work of real journalism. But I never thought they would stoop so low — that too in an editorial written by their CEO. Real shame.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to affect them or thei business in anyway. Which would explain the pseduo-apology.

    Shame on you India Today.

  10. Shil |

    What utter BS! Asking for inputs, holy shit, what’s he a lowly intern…supposedly an editor of one of India’s largest-selling magazines!

  11. Nix |

    Feel sorry for you, Niranjana. I guess now we know what “asking for some help” by these editors means. A befitting charge this..

  12. mohanvsm |

    And he wrote
    George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic did the effects.

    But Industrial Light and Magic is not worked for this project.

    Chk this link

  13. Abhishek |

    Even if Aroon Poorie did get the inputs from “Delhi”, who the hell told him to take those verbatim? Makes me wonder whether I’ve been reading his words in the past “Letter from the Editor”

  14. Nina Kilachand |

    Never liked India Today anyway! This just justifies my gripe against them!

  15. Moulishree |

    Being in this profession myself, I have always been a reader of India Today, thinking if get an opportunity, I might join it rather happily, but if this is what this group does: plagiarizes and then let people get away with it, then no thank you very much. It’s a real shame that a personality such as Arun Poorie is giving a crappy apology like this, that too, not directly but through India Today Group Corporate Communication.

  16. Anjali |

    This is really bad.

  17. Prajwala |

    Omg!!! This is ridiculous.As if plagiarizing wasn’t bad enough,Mr Poorie actually issues an apology letter which screams ‘arrogance’.Plagiarizing is considered the biggest sin in journalism and you are blaming ‘jet lag’ for it.Couldn’t get lamer than this.I actually want to laugh out loud on this one as it makes for a good joke.

    Tomorrow I can do anything I want and blame it on a jet lag!!India Today Group -You could have done better than this.You have let down all your readers with this incident.And please don’t lift lines from people’s personal blogs atleast.This is what I call Heights of ‘Lack of originality’

  18. Sadly Aroon Purie has become like a Chole purie!

  19. mycoffee'sgone cold |

    Complete Bullshit. Everyone knew it was a shitty magazine, to write badly or have dodgy politics is one thing–to plagiarise, and these lame-ass ‘explanations’..where do they think they get off?
    What does he think, everyone’s going to go ‘ah…, of course hota hai’.

    And if you’re reading this, Pooooorie and gang, please apologise to Niranjana for stealing from her blog.

    Outrageous–why, the white guy will sue your ass, that’s why? And the humble indian blogger can’t?
    I hope she sues you.
    Christ. It’s so pathetic. Go and steal an article on Ranjnikanth from a white magazine!! what superb irony.

  20. Slater Familias |

    According to IT Corporate Communications, Mr. Aroon Purie’s next Letter from the Editor will say: “Not being an acknowledged expert on the delightful southern superstar, I asked Delhi for some inputs. Unfortunately, a couple of sentences lifted from another article were sent to me”. Actually, the number of sentences lifted is 12. The correct short-hand for that number, if my memory serves me right, is not “a couple” but “a dozen”.

  21. I’m the blogger whose work was earlier plagiarized by India Today. They posted the same apology regarding the Slate article on my blog. I just emailed them this note:

    Hello, India Today Group Corporate Communication People,

    Your unmitigated gall in posting an explanation for your plagiarism of the Slate story ON MY BLOG, while ignoring your plagiarism from this VERY BLOG leaves me amazed. So Grady Hendrix deserves an apology because he’s from Slate, and I don’t because I’m an independent blogger? You couldn’t have demonstrated your stunning lack of principles better than with this incident. I never received a reply, let alone an apology, to my complaint made eighteen months ago, though you were quick to disable comments on the article on your site. And yet, you’ve reacted remarkably fast to the outcry about the Slate article.

    Do the right thing and have your deputy editor apologize already. And no, you can’t blame jet-lag for this one.


  22. Tush |

    I call challenge on Mr Purie. Jetlag my a**.

  23. gonzo |

    nah nah nah nah, he got caught…