Restaurant Review: Two One Two Bar and Grill

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Spaghetti prawn, garlic oil and chilli.

In the opening week of a restaurant, customers typically meet the head chef either during or at the end of their meal when he comes around to their table to check if they’ve enjoyed the food. At Two One Two, a new Italian restaurant in Worli, Milanese head chef Alex Bignotti was greeting guests as they entered the door, indicating that his kitchen was well under control without his constant supervision. An entourage of waitstaff escorted us to our plush sofa chairs at the tw0-day-old restaurant and within minutes of being seated, we were informed of the few items on the menu that weren’t available for the night. Though not an ideal situation for a restaurant in opening week, they get points just for saving us from the disappoint lest we ordered them.

People familiar with New York will probably recognise the three digits that make up the restaurant’s name as the telephone area code for Manhattan. Incidentally, there’s a 212 Restaurant and Bar in New York City, but the Mumbai one, started by four partners (Arish Khajotia, Gaurav Kapur, Jay Makhijani and Ketan Kadam, a former partner of now defunct nightclub Fire ‘N’ Ice), has no connection with that establishment or its home city. The menu states that 212 degrees fahrenheit is the temperature at which boiling water starts to steam. Since steam is essential to power a locomotive as well as a restaurant, Two One Two seemed an apt name, the menu says.

The 4,000 sq ft Two One Two is simply designed and divided into a bar area and a larger, elevated dining space, with a small flight of stairs demarcating the two. The restaurant is furbished with grey granite tables, dark wood floors, rust coloured fabric walls and flatscreen TV sets, which although switched off when we visited, seemed an unwelcome accessory in a fine dining restaurant. In a week’s time, Two One Two should also have an alfresco area with a separate café menu.

For appetisers, we tried the truffle-scented cappuccino of wild mushrooms, and the vinegar-doused chicken skewer served on a bed of fresh tabouleh salad, both of which bode well for the courses that followed. Chef Bignotti’s proclivity for subtle flavours was most evident in the crisp, wood-fired Quattro Formaggi pizza, for unlike most four cheese pizzas, his blend of mozzarella, fontina, gorgonzola and taleggio was creamy without being overwhelming. Our spaghetti with prawns, garlic and chilli oil was perfectly al dente and the succulent, parsley-garnished prawns were well worth a second serving of the dish. Our desire for seconds resurfaced after we demolished Bignotti’s plump Scottish salmon, prepared simply with ground black pepper, sea salt and lime, and served with a frothy lemon butter sauce and a portion of Mediterranean-flavoured greens.

Two One Two is yet to print a dessert menu, but the staff are well versed with the list. On the chef’s recommendation, we ordered a creamy raspberry cheesecake with a layer of blackcurrant sauce worked into its fluffy body. While this is excellent, we also suggest you order the bitter chocolate fondant. Our only grouse was that as the bar and the dining area are so close, the restaurant gets noisy. However, the food is so good, you’ll find yourself lingering over a leisurely meal despite the din.

A meal for two costs approximately Rs3,000 excluding alcohol. All reviews are conducted anonymously.

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LocationTwo One Two Bar and Grill
12-A, Hornby Vellard Estate
Opposite Nehru Centre
Next to the BMW showroom

Phone2490 1994

Relevant DatesDaily, 11am to 1.30am

Comments (41)

  1. Prachi agarwal |

    The worst food ever had in my life. Worst service,different set of cutleries,different sizes and level of chair. Piyush who was the manager at that point in time was absolutely not bothered. He did not attend to us. We did not touch our main course as it was not edible and yet was charged for it. Simply bad experience..never ever going there again

  2. Dinesh Advani |

    Had their Sunday Brunch today. It was outstanding. Strongly recommend.

  3. Interesting |

    Interesting to see one of the partner’s responses to all reviews – not once it is their fault.. When will service industry in India understand the meaning of Customer is always right..

  4. JJ |

    The comments and responses here are very interesting. I googled this restaurant after chancing upon some interesting pics of the food.
    So folks, let us get objective here: If you can pay 8k for a steak, you can definitely afford to fly and get the real thing from Europe or the US. I think restaurants like 212 are doing a great job of exposing people to possibly authentic food abroad – but let us not judge them on the same page as say, Peter Lugers or Wolfgang’s in New York for the steak.
    In Mumbai, I would expect to eat great local food and any cuisines imported from other countries should be given a break. If you are well-travelled, you would feel short changed at a place like 212 which may have sub-authentic food at high prices, but then again, this restaurant is not for you. I would definitely try 212 the next time I am in Mumbai and I would encourage the less travelled folks out there to patronize restaurants such as 212 to get exposed to the food out there. Cheers.

  5. Samiir |

    7800 for what steak? Black angus? Kobe? Wagyu?

  6. rockstar |

    Coming get ready

  7. taj |

    i had the most expensive steak in my life !!! 7800 rs plus tax :)

  8. rohit |

    lovely food, why dont you open one in andheri. can offer you a place at link road for a restaurant.

  9. Rishabh |

    Sounds like the food is delectable, but I am now scared of handing over my car’s keys to your valet. You should look into it, and as a lawyer I can assure you that gross negligence ( parking a car in an illegal parking spot, speeding etc.) is not covered by that cute disclaimer all establishments with a valet service have.

  10. Deb mukherjee |

    Hi guys let me start off by saying I used to be a regular at 212 since it opened and celebrated some of my great occassions there. Till last week I vowed never to go back there again and ensure now of my friends do also. We had areservation and despite that the take wasn’t ready. This was sat 9 april lunch. After getting the table we did not get any attention for fifteen mins. I had to get up and call waiters. It took me one more walk to the manager to get then to take the order. The food came late and was substandard. On top of it the manager came after half hr to say that someone has banged mt car. My car was given to the valet. I went outside to see that the valet had illegali double parked my car and a bus has come and grazed the side. On questioning the manager told me that how they park customers cars although its illegal and the restaurant don’t take any responsibility plus adding these things happen in india. If they had parked my car responsibly un a proper place this would never had happened. No one apologised.they helped call the police but that did not help. I requested to talk to managemnet and they refused. Very disapointed I an with you guys.hope you read this.

  11. Maithili |

    Thanks for your response Arish. I believe a quality product/ service/ restaurant is never relative . It is a stand out winner due to it’s own inherent high standards.

    I see you have immediately drawn comparisons to other restaurants, while responding to each and every person. That effort from your end to write back is appreciated , but the content and intent of your reply has somehow convinced me otherwise even further. Good luck ahead. Regarding space planning, i think it is entirely your opinion that counts since you have invested in it and tend to believe in it.

    Regarding your superman, I will mention that he and his pizza flew on exactly 27-02-2011 at around 10:30pm. So you may consider grounding (pun + metaphor) your staff more effectively.


  12. bhavin zaveri |

    visted the place last night and it was buzzing like it was the only restaurant in town……lots of foreigners for some reason….got a table on the outside section was really amazing with the sound of water and some real cool music….the new menu had some excellent choices….tried the italian sausages…outstanding……finished the night with some coffee which was pretty alright.

  13. Hitesh |

    Visited the restaurant expecting decent italian fare but was sadly disappointed with the fare served.

  14. Siddhanth Rao |

    @ Bharat well i was going thru your comment and on an objective note would like to say if we have an opinion to put up on a public platform, it should only be based on our personal experiences and not on other peoples reviews or attitude of an individual, i think any organisation is about the entire team and not the individual hence on having personally visited the place i would say, barring the service, the kitchen team desrves a lot more credit as it truly churns out some really delectable food. hence give it a shot yourself my friend.

  15. bharat |

    I was just browsing through this page to see reviews of 212 before I go there tonight, and was surprised (pleasantly) at first to see that the owner (Arish) had bothered to reply to the feedbacks.

    Upon further reading it was even more surprising to see the Attitude with which he is replying to the negative feedback! Obviously not taking the feedback in a positive way. Its already made me change my mind about visiting the place. I think that if you have so much ego, you would be better off appointing a PR manager instead. Really sad!

  16. Arish (Partner) @ 212 |

    @ Rahul – Sorry about your car, but I recall a big issue being made of this, but prior to walking out of the restaurant, you HAD in fact mentioned to one of my partners how outstanding the food was, so why the sudden change of heart? The Valet does not work in the kitchen, ever.

    @Anika – Thanks for your comments. We very much agree with you regarding the ‘by the glass’ list of wines, as we too would like to offer more, not just for the value, but also the experience, as our guests then have a chance to try a greater variety of wines, and move out of their typical comfort zone with the wines that they have tried before.

    Risotto, I personally would not agree with you, but you are more than entitled to not like something on our menu because it does not perfectly suit your tastes. With our pizzas, it is worth considering a smaller size as well, although we do pride ourselves on the fact that we do not skimp on the portions are 212, and I believe that is rather evident with every dish you might have tried. I personally like going to a restaurant and ending it with the knowledge that I had a hearty meal that will last longer than a couple of hours. I am happy you are a fan of the Tiramisu. I believe it to be a rather accurate litmus test for any quality Italian restaurant. Our pastry chef is proactive to say the least, so do ask about dessert specials which he does set out pretty often.

    As for the food being overhyped, I am indeed surprised to hear that, and would hope you do visit again and feel free to make yourself known to us, so we can ask you at the end of your meal if your opinion has been pleasantly altered.

    @ Sosha – Sorry to hear your opinion. Come back to us and as above, let us know, if you wish, that you are dining with us so we can check your opinion after your meal. As for the Dominoes comparison, there is no comparison. Pizza in a fine dining establishment is meant to have subtlety in its mix of ingredients. Dominoes pizza has a very different USP to our pizzas. Also, the next time you get a pizza, touch the wooden board it comes on, you will find that too is heated in order to keep your pizza warm for as long a period as possible. If service is not what you expected it is always regrettable, but we always try hard.

    @ Rheality Bites – Thanks for your comments. The one that is a shocker for me is the one about the portion being too small. Are you talking about the WEDGE of cheesecake? The tuna is meant to be a delicate dish, and not fill you up to the hilt. The risotto and a pizza are both well sized, and as you can see from other comments here, people find portions of items like pizza too big. You did not mention having anything off the grills or even a pasta, so try that next time and tell me if you still feel hungry. Although as you pointed out with two bottles down, you came to enjoy the wine along with the food, and we welcome that anytime.

    @ Maithili – My apologies for saying this, but this is not a terribly constructive review of a restaurant. The space concept of 212 is not meant to be closed off. There are other restaurants in Bombay that would cater to that need for you, but it is not what we wanted for 212. Also, if you really delve into table space allocation, and compare us to some of the other popular restaurants around town, you will see just how MUCH space there is between each table.

    Watered down drinks? Please feel free to stand at the bar, where all the drinks are made, and you will notice every drink is poured to measure. You might be used to having doubles, so please let your waiter know the next time you visit.

    Waiters falling down? We do have a waiter in particular who we have fondly nicknamed Superman… we do not try to be snooty, and in fact, friendly, but it is often on a shifting scale which is determined by the attitude of our guests, not our service staff.

    Finally, old or young, big or tall, we do not judge what our guests look like. So long as they come with empty bellies and desire to have an enjoyable meal in an ambience that we find to be quite appealing and welcoming for a fine dining restaurant.

    @Rahul – Alex is very much a part of the 212 family. :-)

    @ Ajaya – Thanks for your comments. To settle the issue of bread, put yourself in our place. When you are a restaurant that prides itself on serving food that is prepared with fine ingredients, with a great deal of thought not only into the preparation of the food itself, but the presentation (plating) of that food, and to have some unfortunate guests who come in droves, ask for 3 -5 portions of “complementary” bread in the middle of a busy service hour, share a single pizza between 8 people, occupy a table for 2-3 hours…it can have an affect on you. Please also consider what you are served complementary at other good restaurants in Bombay, and you will find that we are quite generous with the portion, as well as the vast variety of breads that we welcome our guests with when they sit at a table with us. I would also politely mention to you that your comment of entitlement is tricky one…and our service staff have far from learnt to throw attitude as you put it. Ultimately, our goal is for our guests to feel welcomed and greeted with smiles and warmth throughout their meal, and VICE VERSA for our hard-working service team. I do personally apologise if you felt the service was too curt with you, but welcome you back to 212 sometime soon.

    FINAL COMMENT: We always welcome constructive criticism, and would ask for it to never stop, as it is self serving…to our guests who have the best dining experience, and for us, the pleasure of providing you with that experience.

  17. ajaya bhagwat |

    wrote the same review twice, sorry i am a little technologically challenged!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ajaya bhagwat |

    went on a saturday for friend had reached earlier so she was served the bread etc.when we reached(4of us)there was no bread in sight so after a long wait we asked for it.the response from the server was in a very condensending tone if we wanted”extra” which indicates that we wud have to pay for it.when asked if 5 persons were supposed share the remaining bread in the basket which was served to 1 person and were we not entitled for some more he made an exasperated snooty face and brought the supervisor who was very polite and served us the bread.we are all very extensively travelled and know that all over the world italian restaurants serve unlimited bread, no questions asked!!to have to make a fuss about bread in a place where you pay thru your nose for drinks and food was very awkward but we did it to make a point.please train the servers about the portions and tradition of italian restaurants.i dont blame the guy who was totally ignorant but had learnt to throw one eats only bread to fill their stomachs but sharing the bread is a part of the whole italian experience which starts the conversation.i hope to get better service next time ’cause i am surely going for the best 4 cheese pizza,tiramisu and baked camember cheese in town.
    is the management taking a note of our comments?

  19. ajaya bhagwat |


  20. Alex Bignotti |

    Dear Rahul,

    I’m very much here @ Two One Two

    Chef Alex

  21. Rahul |

    I have heard that the Chef is gone and the manager Sanat has also quit….. Is this true

  22. It is an open-plan 4000 sq. ft “fine-dining” restaurant with snooty, cold and clumsy service.

    The interiors are far from exceptional, warm or elegant. No table has any privacy. You may sit at any table and view every single table dur to the visual openness.

    Drinks were watered down. The much touted Mushroom cappuccino was good. But the space was too depressing, managers snooty, waiters muttering and falling on steps and guests a weird mix.

    Thought it better to not continue. So this is not a food review, but an experience review and it was bad.

  23. Food: 3.75
    Ambiance: 4.5
    Service: 3.25

    The damage: Rs. 8151 for 3 (Rs. 3531 excluding alcohol)

    Fantastic ambiance – really – this place is an oasis in the middle of Worli. We took advantage instead of the cool weather and sat outside on a high table under a white umbrella-like canopy – surrounded by plants listening to a soothing waterfall-like sound.

    We were quite intrigued by the mushroom cappuccino with truffle oil (Rs. 380) – as far as mushrooms soups go this was great – and very cappuccino looking with foam at the top and everything. Next we tried the Saffron Risotto (Rs.635) the saffron was quite muted and with the cheesy overload and yellow color it mildly resembled an upscale version of Mac n cheese. We moved on then to a Yellowfin tuna steak (Rs. 790) from the grill menu. I absolutely loved it for retaining that natural flavor, only lightly seared, still pink in the middle – but it may be ‘too fishy’ for an irregular seafood eater. I’ve been scoping out gourmet pizzas around the city and we had to sample the thin crust ‘Boscaiola’ (Italian for a dish featuring mushroom) (Rs. 620) – the mushrooms were again perhaps too ‘mushroomy’ for everyone. The raspberry cheesecake (Rs. 335) blew our minds.

    Just a singular word of caution perhaps – the portions are tiny – not tiny, minuscule – really just a one-person portion and just a taster at that.

    I have a feeling this place isn’t for everyone – and this isn’t just the 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon talking – but it is definitely for me

    - Thought For Food in Bombay

  24. Sosha |

    And wow! Arish, one of the partners is responding to a web-review forum… thumbs up, man!

  25. Sosha |

    Two One Two wins on drinks and ambience. The food though, was sub-standard. I had ordered the Mushrooom pizza, and trust me, even Dominoes can come up with more mushroom in their pizza.

    I suspect it was because of Friday evening, but the service was extremely slow. By the time they served fresh plates for our pizza slices, the pizza had gone cold.

    The crowd was good. Although, a few more youngsters would’ve been great!

  26. raemen sahney |

    awesome food, loved u r food! very tasty! loved ur calamari and ur rib eyed steak!


  27. Devika |

    Sorry, not happening!

  28. Anika |

    Went for lunch to Two One Two today with a friend.

    Drinks: Our waiter didn’t know anything about wines, but the manager was helpful, and the white wine we had was fantastic (and fantastically expensive; 2 glasses each + service charge = 3200). Tip 1 to owners: have more options for wine by the glass, especially Rose wine.

    Starters: The (complimentary) bread tray with the spreads was delightful. I didn’t think I would have the pleasure of tasting olive paste after I left Athens this summer, but there it was on the table! Good selection of breads!

    Food: Saffron risotto and the Margarita pizza with mushroom and olives. The cheese overwhelmed the risotto and it tasted like mac and cheese and the saffron was barely there. The pizza was excellent (crispy thin, but my personal preference is still Indigo Deli). Tip 2 to owners: Have an option for pizza size on the menu. It was too large and we had to waste a few slices.

    Dessert: I had the Tiramisu on a friend’s recommendation. And I’ve had the tasty treat at literally every restaurant that offers it in Bombay. BEST. BOMBAY. TIRAMISU.

    Decor and the other stuff: Nothing special. Nitpicking here but I hate unpressed dining cloths, and that’s the first thing I noticed. A bit noisy because the couple next to us was breaking up (awkward!). Music could have been better.

    Bottom line: Good meal, but a bit overhyped. Might have felt as full at Indigo deli with the same meal for less than half the price.

  29. Rahul |

    Went there – food very average. dried out chicken and pork chops. what was the real issue is the valet banged up my car. When taking it up with the manager was told – “we take no responsibility – take it up with the valet directly”. Not even an apology. Had to go down to the police station and write up a complaint. Terrible treatment.

  30. gayatri sehgal |

    GREAT and i dont use the word loosely

  31. Siddhanth Rao |

    Outstanding….. is exactly how I would like to state my experience at 212…..happened to be there for dinner on recommendation by a friend…..being a friday night the restaurant happened to be buzzing…..was greeted by this lovely courteous Italian lady who with her Italian accent and a smile said sorry but we are full inside could I help you with a table outside and we took on the offer as the place was highly recommended and we had driven all the way.

    On being requested to seat on what looked like these high bar stools and equally high table at first my reaction was like are we dinning on this…..having no other choice we sat on the high chair and I tell you they were the most comfortable stairs (stool chairs) with arm and leg rest….. haven’t seen these anywhere else in Bombay…… the sound of water on the outside and the music make a great combination under the open sky awaiting for someone to come take your order….one needs to walk to the reception inside to remind them you are sitting outside on doing that we were given the menus followed with a platter of breads…the breads were fresh…. served with French butter and the pesto a must try.

    Having gone through the menu I decided to go for what I was there for THE STEAKS which falls in their grill section…..I had a choice of tenderloin,rib eye, sirloin & the T-Bone…. I decided to go for the T-Bone as it serves 2 which gave me and my friend reason enough to call for a pepperoni pizza.

    The pepperoni pizza was excellent very different from the ones usually served at trats it had onions and chilli flakes along with the pepperoni which went very well together ….what came as a pleasant experience on sitting outside is we could actually see our pizza being made right from the guy inside rolling the dough putting the cheese and placing it in the wood fire oven and taking it out… only to be served on our table truly fresh and hot……and once again we had to walk to the reception to ask for someone to help us with refill of our drinks.

    The T-Bone was served very interestingly on this wooden board that to sliced something I have not seen before must say the presentation is quiet innovative and the idea of slicing the steak was excellent….as I chew on my first piece medium grilled steak ….I can very well say its absolutely the best steak in the country.

    It was a great experience all together, authentic on its food and a little lost on its service but excused.

    If you truly wana enjoy the experience here it will have to be without worrying about the bill.

  32. Twisha |

    I went to 212 recently after all the hype and I was for the most part disappointed. I though the pizzas was fantastic as was the bread platter on the table. I first ordered a Bellini which was on the “212 Specials” Menu. The waiter came back and said they did not have it. I asked if it was because of the Champagne being unavailable or because of something else. He said the Champagne is available, just not a Bellini today. I changed my order to a Mimosa. He came back only to inform me that that was unavailable too ! I was like- seriously? He said there is no champagne that night. Mind you, I was there on a Saturday night ! How can they not have champagne? They claim to be a high end Italian restaurant, but don’t have stock of champagne? Or maybe they did not want to open a bottle for what they assumed to be just one drink ! Either way I dont think you can have something on your menu especially your specials menu and say its unavailable!

    Anyways, i ordered a Garden Green Salad with roasted red peppers and tomatoes to start off with and it was delicious. I actually wanted the rocket salad but was told it was unavailable ! One of the chefs was known to someone on our table so he personally came out to take our mains order. I decided I wanted a repeat of my salad but requested for extra roasted red peppers and tomatoes. The chef even offered to throw in rocket leaves into ( which surprised me considering I was told they were out of rocket just earlier )it. Eventually the salad that was brought to me with NO roasted red peppers and just tiny cherry tomatoes !!! Once again- like seriously? There was no consistency in a span of 30 minutes !! I think it is appalling that I was told there were no rocket leaves but the Chef said he can throw them in for me !

    My husband ordered a lobster which he was told was also unavailable. I think it would have been easier to tell us what was available to avoid this torturous process over and over again !

    I am not sure how this works but maybe they decide what they will serve you depending on who they see at the table or something. I find it hard to believe that the restaurant did not have champagne on a Saturday night.

    It has been open a good couple of weeks and such errors I think are unacceptable and will make a difference to whether or not I wish to dine there again.

    Cheers !

  33. Sunny Singh |

    I have had the most fabulous experience at Two One Two. The staff were welcoming and food top notch.

    The grills and deserts were outstanding to say the least.

    Keep it up!

  34. Arish (Partner) @ 212 |

    @Manjare – Respectfully, I’m curious… are you sure you are headed to the right address? The reason I ask, is simple: we opened Monday, 20th September. Since Tuesday 21st September, we have been virtually packed for dinner every night, with a steady stream of curious foodies. I would be GRATEFUL, if you would please get in touch with us, and come by for a meal. There is no high handed snobbery here, just an invitation to come by and have a great meal. Please let me clarify, for our sake as well as Mumbai Boss, we have not paid for any of the web articles posted on 212 thus far in the month that we have been open for business.

    @Hugely Disappointed (?) – It is truly unfortunate that your experience at 212 was apparently sub-standard. Again, I would invite you to come by (Anonymously or as Hugely Disappointed) and give it another try. We are PROUD of the complements on our food and the general ambiance and experience people have at 212. Our attitude is welcoming, and our aim is to have every dinner experience at 212 warrant another visit.

    Ps. You should’ve tried the desserts, you missed out.

    Warm Regards,


  35. ketan kadam |

    The restaurant has been functional since 20th of september 2010…..and the number for the restaurant is 24901994… would therefore request you to get your facts right or try calling the right number probably.

  36. manjare |

    @editor – that is complete hogwash…….i have called personally….a concierge service who is advertising like crazy was told the same as was my credit card concierge company… i don’t know where you get your facts from….paid publicity is what it is.

  37. Hugely Disappointed |

    We were hugely disappointed.

    Even after repeated reminders, up to 15 mins after being seated our table wasn’t set. No glasses, no napkins. Once those 2 arrived grudgingly, the apathetic waiters produced menus. 45 mins after ordering our food we were informed that one of our requests couldn’t be met as they were “out of ravioli”. Italian restaurant, eh? After a serious conversation with the “CEO of the company”, who told us the reason for the screw up was that the restaurant wasn’t fully open yet (October 2nd week!) the rest of our meal arrived with our ravioli replacement dish. The food quality was sub-standard at best, but sadly that wasn’t 212′s biggest problem, which itself is a problem.

    And no, we got nothing complimentary (they did offer free dessert – which we turned down as we had quite enough).

  38. Editor |

    @manjare…Actually, the restaurant has been open since Monday, September 20, when it had its official soft launch opening. Anyone has been able to make a reservation since then. Cheers, Editors.

  39. manjare |

    I have no doubt the food would be good. But it is totally nonsense to say that u have reviewd the restaurant anonymously. I can say that for certain is BECAUSE AS ON 24th SEPT 2010 1900 hrs THIS RESTAURANT IS NOT EVEN OPEN TO THE PUBLIC


  40. anaoshak sanjana |

    212 degrees has thee best pizza in India .. chef Alex has perfected the wood-fired quatro formagio pizza, apart from the wide range of most exotic toppings and combinations still maintaining the subtlety of flavours.

    The T-Bone Irish Angus stake is one of the best in Mumbai, best way its had is how the chef likes it – prepared with ONLY “balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil, and few seconds of smoking” !! – FABULOUS ….

    One of the best restaurants in the city.

  41. Noorie |

    I went to 212 on their opening night and had a delightful experience. Spacious and simple in style is something that Bombay previously lacked. A good meal, not over priced and unlike Pali Village Cafe has an international wine list which is actually in stock. I actually love that the bar is close to the tables because when full there is an NY style buzz which most Mumbai restaurants lack. While the bar is close enough to generate a buzz it is not so close that it takes away from the dining experience (as the banquet hall next to tote’s restaurant does). Another thing I liked about 212 is the electro jazz music they played in the background at just the right volume…most Mumbai restaurants seem to get this wrong (except for kala ghoda cafe and Pali Village). I say 2 thumbs up.