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September 13, 2010 8:32 am by

After reading a couple of press previews that said entry to Trilogy, Henry Tham’s new bar at Hotel Sea Princess in Juhu, is only via guest list, we wondered whether to review it. It’s our editorial policy to only review establishments that are open to everyone. When we double-checked with Trilogy and their public relations team, however, they assured us that “couples only” and “Rs1,000 entry fee” were the only requisites. So when we went by on Friday night at 10pm, we weren’t expecting to be stopped by a couple of doormen, asking if we were on the guest list or had a reservation (VIP tables can be reserved for up to eight people at a minimum billing of Rs25,000). When we told them we had called and checked, they insisted that we had been given the wrong information. We then phoned the PR team, but even before they could ring back, a suited gentleman arrived on the spot and confirmed that if we paid Rs1,000, we could enter.

By then, the owners had been dialled, and they sent down another gentleman to escort us to the bar. He told us that the men at the door must be “new”—we presumed all the staff is, considering that the bar had only been open for three days—and that couples and stags could both enter if they coughed up a grand. He then told us that one of the owners was waiting to meet us. We hope Mr. Tham didn’t think us rude, but we spent the rest of the night avoiding him because we didn’t want to compromise our anonymity.

We’re not sure if the good service was on account of the staff knowing we were journalists; we can however objectively judge the decor, food and drink. Trilogy is split into two floors. The ground level recreates the ambience of Tham’s lounge in Colaba with a lot more seating, a little more flash (dull gold is a favoured decor colour) and the added feature of a sea view. The mezzanine, reached by climbing a set of sparkling-red stairs, houses the dance area, the most remarkable feature of which is the ceiling lights: cubes filled with LED crystals that change colour in sync with the music. Overall, the look is glitzy but not trashy, except maybe for the VIP tables on the landing (see photo).

Trilogy’s menus weren’t back from the printers yet so we had to rely on staff recommendations. We’d heard that they had retained much of the bartending staff from Colaba, so we ordered an old favourite: the Groove Armada. Only Bablu (ask for him) knew the drink, and was happy to make it for us even though it wasn’t on the Trilogy menu. While it could have done with less ice, Bablu served up just the right balance of vodka, guava juice and tabasco, in a salt and chilli powder-rimmed glass. Fruit cocktails are apparently Trilogy’s speciality: the watermelon and basil martini, and the apple mojito were both excellent. But it was the whisky sour—made with the egg white that so many bars choose to leave out without asking—that got full marks. Frothy, smooth and perfectly mixed, we’d go back just for it.

The bar snacks weren’t quite as exceptional; the tender chicken teriyaki was a great suggestion, but the salmon sushi didn’t taste very fresh. We spent our evening at the bar counter in the lounge, which remained relatively empty until midnight, by which time the dance floor area upstairs had filled up. Barely anyone was dancing though, probably because the DJ was spinning electronic dance music instead of the commercial hits that were played on the launch night. Not that it mattered: by the time we left there was a small swarm of mostly girls at the door, trying desperately to get in. So dear reader, while we could recommend a visit to Trilogy just for the stellar cocktails (Rs500 plus tax), we can’t say with certainty if you will be let in. Our advice: if you live in and around Juhu and don’t mind taking a chance, drop by but make alternative plans. It’s worth it just for the whisky sour.

Drinks and snacks for two, approximately Rs3,500. All reviews are conducted anonymously.

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Hotel Sea Princess
Juhu Tara Road
Juhu Beach

Phone2646 9689

HoursWednesday to Monday, 7.30pm until late. Tuesday closed.

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  1. Felipe (from Spain) |

    Hi. I visited Mumbai for my first time in October. This is my first night and I heard all about the warrm hospitality of the indian people. Well, so far its not a good start to the india experience. A couple of monkeys dressed in suits did not allow me to enter as money senior advised “I have now closed the guest list” – seriously guys, this is not the 1990′s anymore – all that ‘attitude’ needs to be dropped if india wants to consider its self a modern nation. Go back to your roots – nice hospitable folks. Adios! I still am looking forward to seeing india

  2. DeeKay |

    I went to Trilogy last Saturday with a couple of my friends (1 guy & 1 girl). Upon arriving we were told that the club is full & entry is restricted only to those on the guest list. It was not a question of money, you have to be on the guest list to get it. The club however was not “full” at all as we could see from outside. This club, from my experience, I wouldn’t say is open to everybody, even if you are willing to pay.

  3. Slow |

    so it turns out that trilogy has got something stuck up its backside despite the initial, undeserved hype surrounding the club having all but disappeared. i call to check on their door policy over the weekends and the lady – fatima – says that entry is dependent on the “door manager’s call”. meaning – random. bombay is having a serious identity crisis. repeat after me – you are not manhattan x 10

  4. Akbar |

    Thats weird – coz i swear i’ve seen 17 yr old girls at trilogy….. the excise guys mustve been around the day that u were there

  5. sunaina |

    i wasnt allowed 2 enter on a friday night because i am 21 yrs old. minimum age to enter is 24 n above. ridiculous.

  6. H |

    This place is fab!!! We weren’t on the guetlist but managed to get in after a 20min wait. Was a little crowed but def worth it. Drink, music, lights, action!!!

  7. satyajit |

    go back to canada

  8. canadian girl |

    I went to trilogy the second or third night it was open. I was NOT overly impressed at all. I went with a group, we had equal guys and girls, so we were technically ‘coupled’ up. They would only let us girls in, so our guy friends had to wait outside for us. We found the entire place to be overly pretentious for nothing. We waited forever for poor and rude service, and i found the music to be horrible and barely danceable. Im from Toronto, Canada, we have a decent club scene there, we of course have some great clubs and some bad ones. In my humble Canadian opinion I would categorize Trilogy as a bad one.

  9. Anonymous |

    anybody having contacts for the entry at trilogy….if any please let me know….thank you

  10. Anonymous |

    @namoo ba**s

  11. Namrata |

    its a fantastic place… I would like to say that the placement on the landing is cool and proper use of place is done!

    The LED pixel lights are great!

    I think its the best place in town to party!