About Us

Mumbai what ?

Mumbai Boss. As in “No chance, boss. Irfan Khan Pathan’s bowling will finish the Australian team,” or “What are you saying, boss – they’ll never build the second sea link by 2010.” Like the literal, figurative and all-encompassing “boss” used so freely in everyday speak, we’re bit of a know-it-all, a bossy chieftain of the city that sees all but chooses to reveal just what matters. And like a boss, we’re not always nice, though as far as entertainment value goes we can’t be beaten.

So what exactly do we do ?

We cover the city in all its chaotic, seeping, shivering, all encompassing splendour cluing you in on the best of what’s out there. We cull through the crap (literally and metaphorically), scouring the city for the best of the most random, exciting, and occasionally informative material across Culture, Food, Nightlife, News, Society and Shopping. We tell you what’s worth visiting, knowing, buying and eating, giving you everything from witty op-eds to incisive features and profiles, posting stories that give you the vital tools to be a Mumbai Boss in the know.

So what can you do ?

You can click. A lot. On everything. Read the articles, leave comments and spread the word. Oh yes, and sign up for our weekly newsletter which will deliver to your inbox a useful and much needed weekend planner that will give you three ways to help while away your weekends.

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