Koffee With Karan Recap: Sonam Kapoor And Anil Kapoor

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The last time Sonam Kapoor appeared on Koffee With Karan, with fellow actress Deepika Padukone, she held a masterclass in how not to make friends in Bollywood, by verbally bitchslapping her way through a long and oh so powerful list of her contemporaries and seniors. Three and a bit years later, Kapoor, on the couch again with papa Anil Kapoor, proved that time and age do not in fact mellow some people. Not that we’re complaining. In a season where most episodes seemed like repeats of episodes past, where guests trotted out the usual denials and platitudes (who says two actors can never be friends?) and Johar acted like he was catering to an audience of his closest Bollywood buds, Sonam proved quite effectively that honesty is often the most fun (and brutal) policy. What did daddy Kapoor have to say about it? And how many sensibilities did Sonam hurt this time? We lost count, but as always in our recap of episodes of season four of Koffee With Karan, we will sniff out as we did with season three, the bullshit factor, rating it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a crock o’ Leprechaun gold, and 1 being honest-to-God sainthood.

Bollywood Doesn’t Like Good-Looking People
In the season’s biggest tautological doozy, Johar asked Sonam Kapoor if it bothered her “when they talk about other actors more in the acting department” to which Sonam responded rather marvelously that “if you are not good-looking, they think you are a good actor”. Never mind that Johar didn’t exactly specify who the “they” in question are, or that Kapoor used Taran Adarsh and Komal Nahata, both Bollywood box-office analysts, as proof that critics have always had her back. What she declared was nothing short of revolutionary, finally sticking up for one of the most put-upon segments within the industry: the beautiful people. “People make so-called art films, why do you have to take like not-nice-looking people, like why? Doesn’t make sense and just that they don’t look good does not mean they are good actors,” she said, before continuing on to declare that films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge will go down as classics, presumably because they had the courage to cast good-looking people in an industry that clearly has a bias against them. “Just because you look like ordinary and act loud doesn’t mean you’re a good actor…people feel bad so they say ‘She might as well be a good actress’,” Kapoor said, thereby killing in one fell swoop the dreams of all those bright and not-so-fetching young things who’ve made it in Bollywood on the strength of the population’s pity alone.

The Fight Against Section 377 Is For People Like Sonam
And here we thought it was for the LGBT community. Luckily, Sonam Kapoor, who said she “figuratively came out of the closet as a person”, set us straight by declaring that the movement to scrap the much-hated section that declares same sex love illegal, is not just for our LGBT population. “I really empathise with people who want to be themselves… and Article 377 is detrimental to that,” said Sonam, adding that it was not only a setback to gays and lesbians, “but also to those who want to be themselves and who don’t want to conform.” People, in other words, who hail from Bollywood families and grow up surrounded by wealth, privilege, connections and protection, who just really want to be able to tell you the truth okay? We feel for ya Sonam, it’s tough when all you want to do is tell the PM he can dress better.

Bollywood Fashionistas Have Upped Their Game, Kinda
While Sonam Kapoor was gracious enough to praise rival Deepika Padukone for dressing better, thanks to stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania, that didn’t prevent her from doing a swift about turn in the rapid fire round, by noting that “she doesn’t have her own style”. And while she also handed it to Katrina Kaif for not trying to fit in a mould, and for dressing like herself rather than wanting to be “on the cover of Vogue every three months” (ahem, like a certain someone else), she looked visibly put out when Anil Kapoor named Kaif as the sexiest and most stunning actress working in India today. Kapoor also exhorted fellow actress Parineeti Chopra to not “wear those tight clothes man”, though given that Chopra is consistently praised for her performances, she’s probably one of those unfortunate souls Sonam was referring to when she was talking about people who are cast out of pity.

We’re Not Sure Where This Apple Falls
Though he switched seats with Johar, joked that Sonam Kapoor was Rishi Kapoor’s daughter and was praised for his contribution to Indian television, the normally voluble Anil Kapoor was entirely overshadowed by the black-and-white-dressed presence of his daughter who seldom let him finish a thought without butting in. Kapoor Sr. said his daughter was a lot like him, but we’re not so sure about that. In contrast to Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor seemed positively Mother Teresa-like, and other than calling Farah Khan a liar for making up a story about him (that he supposedly turned down the opportunity to play Sonam Kapoor’s dad in Players because he didn’t think he was old enough to play a father) and joking about his obsession with his own looks, he largely praised his fellow colleagues and seemed, unlike many of them, genuinely besotted with his wife. In one of the cutest moments of the season thus far, Kapoor, named his wife Sunita “as the idea that changed his life”, that of her “being my girlfriend, and being my wife”, and refused to name an actress he’d like to take on a date if he were unmarried because “I still get scared”. Scared or not, Kapoor gets our respect for refusing to answer that question, which like many of Johar’s questions, is offensive (particularly to people not present), leading and asked specifically to drum up controversy.

Karan Johar 6/10
Sonam Kapoor 2/10
Anil Kapoor 2/10

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