The Vigil Idiot: Gunday

February 18, 2014 8:30 am by

A few years from now, I will look back at this movie and wonder what the weirdest part of this venture was. Was it all the unintentional homoeroticism between Ranveer Singh (playing hairy Bikram) and Arjun Kapoor (playing toothy Bala)? Was it the fact that a script this bad got someone like Irrfan Khan (playing supercop Satyajeet Sarkar) interested? Or is it that Priyanka Chopra (playing love interest Nandita), having been in the industry a decade longer than either of the two heroes, comes off looking more like their aged babysitter than a legit romance partner person? The correct answer, of course, is all of the above.


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  1. Milland |

    Seriously, this is the closest we got to Honest Trailers!!

    Lol, great stuff, keep writing these. Gawd, Bollywood movies have zero logic and the public is brainwashed idiots who keep paying to watch shit being churned out and making Bollywood legends rich, cuz you know, they are legends as declared by God so you can’t badmouth them.

  2. Manu |

    Thanks! To use one of your phrases the review was- Awesome sauce!

    We want MOAAAREE

  3. Kaustav |

    It’s like these days I look forward to such mind-numbing bad movies JUST so that I could read one of these!

    Awesome job bro! You make Bollywood rather enjoyable. :D

  4. Bhavna |

    “Shits ho gaya” had me in splits!!! You are amazeballs. I hope you plan to do a review of Queen soon.

  5. kuheli |

    hair and teeth :D :D and the cartoon avtars of ranveer n arjun..dude i cant stop laughing..n PC with the stick…hawlariuos!

    i watched the first day first show of this movie. alone. only to ogle half naked ranveer :P

    ur review beats the movie always :D

  6. matin |

    dear sahil, as a consistent admirer of your work, i must point out that this time round, i was disappointed with a certain strand in your strip. being a film review-addict, i easily found out that you and kamal rashid khan share the disgust towards ageing actresses or even slightly ageing actresses in a decidedly biased, patriarchal industry. not. cool. i hope you answer this concern. however, it may very well be we are taking vigil idiot too seriously. shouldn’t we?

  7. niko belic |

    Awesome job once again
    Nowadays these lame a$$ movies are getting so bad that i have stopped downloading their torrents completely.

    And people please stop defending such worthless and sickening movies PLEASE :D

  8. gossip girl |

    Just another wannabe…who wants to become cool….*sigh*…wish this vigilidiot wuld come up with something that’s worth reading

  9. raima debata |

    i love your spoofs but i wish they were a little more frequent

  10. anuradha |

    yeah..enjoyed it, but priyanka’s age thing..was not required…you never do that actually.

  11. tanvi |

    well written! the movie was absolute rubbish!
    that said, picking on priyanka simply on the age factor isn’t fair. it is in fact disturbing to see that one of the girls commenting here called her an ”old aunty” when she happens to be just 3 years older than the two male leads in the movie. since when does that make her an ”aunty”. that was classless. by that logic shah rukh khan looked like deepika’s grandfather in chennai express and a lot of people enjoyed that movie! sick.
    make one on highway next!
    thank you!

  12. Shivangi |

    Hair and Teeth were epic, especially teeth(arjun kapoor)! And PC made me laugh out loud … the OLD AUNTY romancing two kids??
    Hats off to you Sahil, keep up this work and noble cause of saving time and energy.

    PS: Do one on Highway and Shaadi ke side effects

  13. Madhavi |

    ‘Deal with it’….and ‘For Boobs’ ……was bloody epic….could almost be the tag line for the dumbassery that Bollywood has been putting out ….

    Take a bow….and wow Mister Rizwan………!

  14. vickydonor |

    I recommend in every theatres… There should be a Notice Board…

    “Keep your Brains Out before entering ”

    “Enter with Brains only if you have Balls”

    Where the hell this crapy and shitty movies they make?

  15. Nimsi |

    You wont believe it but i jus saw the first image and i bursted out laughing in my cube… hahahaha… man the hairy ranveer and toothy kapoor.. and the grease sweat or whatevver… kudos… now time to read the rest .. !!!

  16. Akshat |

    I agree with Sakshi for this. First read this, have an idea, and then make a move towards risking your time for actual movie.

  17. sakshi |

    I actually prefer reading this and then MAYBE watch any movie!! Thanks sahil :D

  18. Lomash |

    Jokes apart. The fact that Satyajit had an eye witness all along makes the whole movie pointless.

    Good catch!

  19. chandani |

    This review is terrible and highly exaggerated!!! This is not the movie Gunday. This is some stupid part of your imagination. The movie is a hit and all of the cast and crew members did a wonderful job!!

  20. Neela |

    Reading this is so much better… please do some more reviews

  21. Betty |

    I have watched the movie and seriously it is rubbish! I enjoyed this version more :)

  22. vultureprey |

    kind mention should have gone to the the perfect synchronized running hair and tooth do for about 20 minutes in the movie :)

  23. Gaurav |

    Great job mate, You really hammer the point home while ripping apart sorry tales…but frankly, my head is still swirling after eading the plot even though you tried explaining it in the simplest way possible,
    I had to go through it again just to be sure.

    And THANK YOU for saving my time and money, may be I ll do some charity or feed a homeless with the saved money.

    Cheers and do keep us rolling

  24. kunal |

    Hahaha awesome… not watching this movie for sure ! :-)

  25. a |

    Ridiculous movie – so thank you for ripping it apart. Thought ‘hair’ and ‘teeth’ were competing in a “who is more annoying contest” throughout the movie.

  26. This is literally the best movie reviewing site, I tell you :D
    Loved it and at once am gonna attack on the subscribe button!
    Great job :)

  27. Triparna Kar |

    Not to mention: Nandita, in her infinite wisdom, decides to come merrily waltzing towards her lover from BETWEEN two men standing and very clearly pointing guns at each other, even though she was in the only area which was not tightly crowded… which inevitably led her to get shot!

  28. aman |

    Dude..need to stop reading the Vigil Idiot in office.. ‘hair’ and ‘teeth’ killed me right at the beginning!

    “Also, I love you now.”

  29. Le Random girl |

    hahaha this shit is hilarious!
    I was planning on watching Gunday, but after reading this, I know better :P
    Great job! Keep it up :D

  30. Luis |

    Hello Sahil,well done mate.
    The oil leaking figures actually look like standing pieces of shit. And they do resemble the two guys in the right manner.
    Very well done.
    Saw Priyanka in Comedy Nights show promoting this movie.
    She has overdone her lipjob and looks like a woman who can eat 12 bananas at once.
    And I have to thank you for WHAT THE BHEN as i frequently use this phrase and people seem to enjoy it.
    Keep up the great work.