Koffee With Karan Season 4 Recap: Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone

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KWK_Priyanka Chopra and Deepika PadukoneThe last time Deepika Padukone appeared on Koffee With Karan with another actress, the episode pretty much overshadowed the rest of the season. This time around we expected her to play super-safe. What we didn’t expect was Karan Johar to play super-safe himself when it came to Padukone’s co-guest, Priyanka Chopra. As a result we got an episode that veered between plain boring and plain infuriating with KJo going on like a broken record about the now-three-year-old subject of Padukone’s break-up with Ranbir Kapoor. But who was frank and who was fake? As always, we sniff out the bullshit factor, rating it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a crock o’ Leprechaun gold, and 1 being honest-to-God sainthood.

Nobody Mentioned The SRK-Sized Elephant In The Room
While poor Padukone had to spend the entire episode answering and avoiding essentially the same set of two questions (Are you over Ranbir? Are you dating Ranveer?), Chopra was only grilled about her work, if that. KJo’s decidedly benign line of enquiry included asking Chopra if she felt worried about roles being snatched from her when she’s away recording her album in LA. The most candid Chopra got was admitting that she felt “hurt” when she lost the Best Actress trophy to Vidya Balan at last year’s Filmfare Awards because she felt her performance in Barfi! “was a lot more nuanced” than Balan’s in Kahaani. The closest Johar got to asking Chopra anything remotely controversial was when he quizzed her about Salman Khan having a problem with her, which she dismissed as a non-issue. And while he made several references to her previous relationship with Shahid Kapoor, not once did he mention Chopra’s alleged affair with Shah Rukh Khan. Johar didn’t even mention his own reported tiff with the actress that is said to have taken place via Twitter. Which once again confirms our belief that the amount of muck KJo will attempt to rake about someone is inversely proportional to how important they are to his career. In this case, it’s Khan and not Chopra he was scared of pissing off no doubt, and his silence on the subject was all the more pronounced in an episode where Padukone was pretty much only asked about her relationships, both former and current.

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor Were Indeed Dating
They never quite admitted it on KJo’s couch last season but this time around, Chopra did not deny nor correct Johar when he repeatedly referred to Kapoor as her ex-boyfriend. The former couple are still friendly enough for Chopra to attend his parties we learned. But we also got a hint that their parting may not have been all that amicable when, after being asked which word or phrase she associated with Kapoor in the rapid-fire round, Chopra cattily punned on the title of Kapoor’s recent hit song, “Gandi Baat”. If we needed further proof of their relationship, in the quiz segment when Chopra was unable to remember the name of Kapoor’s debut film, Johar spontaneously mock-yelled, “What kind of girlfriend were you?” Chopra countered with “Who said I was?”, which led Padukone to burst into peals of laughter, KJo to say, “How can you deny Shahid Kapoor?” and everyone else to roll their eyes.

Deepika Padukone Is Living In A Fool’s Paradise
Deepika Padukone is probably the only Hindi film heroine who seems to – somewhat naively - believe that two actresses can actually be good friends. If last season Sonam Kapoor and she were the BFFs no one knew were BFFs, this time it was Priyanka Chopra we learned was the bestie who she’s known even before she “joined films”. Evidence of their friendship came from the startling and “heartening” (in KJo’s words) fact that Chopra attended Padukone’s party to celebrate her recent box-office successes. Padukone went on to declare that she doesn’t have any problems with any of her female contemporaries, including Anushka Sharma aka alleged ex girlfriend of her alleged current boyfriend Ranveer Singh and Katrina Kaif aka alleged current girlfriend of her ex boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. KJo almost choked on his coffee in response, blurting that “if you think you’re Anushka Sharma’s friend, you’re mistaken”.

Deepika Padukone Owes Her Success To Ranbir Kapoor
It wasn’t enough that KJo was uncharacteristically mean in his introduction saying that Padukone had gone from being a “non-performer” to “the performer of this year”, but as per this episode of KWK, the end of Padukone’s relationship with Ranbir Kapoor was the best thing that ever happened to her…career at least. “I  needed to grow as a person,” said Padukone, before saying that she channeled the heartbreak “into my work” and that the whole experience “made her a better person”. In other words, directors Homi Adajania, Ayan Mukerji, Rohit Shetty, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali should stop patting their backs for contributing to Padukone’s cinematic transformation and forward all congratulatory bouquets to Kapoor’s home address. At the end, Padukone, who wasn’t going to be twice bitten, had only nice things to say about Ranbir and nothing to say about Ranveer. Though to give the muckraker his due, in the rapid fire round Johar did get her to say that Ranveer is both a better actor – and on-screen kisser – than Ranbir.

You Know You’re Clutching At Straws When…
You have to pad your episode with a Bollywood quiz. We think it’s time that KJo seriously reconsidered the contents of that hamper. What incentive do stars have to win something when the contents are things they can probably afford to buy for pocket change. “Take the hamper”, said Padukone repeatedly to Chopra consciously deciding that it wasn’t worth having to answer the same set of questions for another year. The worst she said was that Kareena Kapoor could “start a charity” as an alternative career, an obscure reference to the fact that Kapoor was originally offered Padukone’s role in Ram-Leela. As for the quiz, with completely unrelated questions about Hindi film song lyrics, the professions of actors in a list of movies and the like, it felt like Johar had completely run out of interesting things to ask. The final nail in the coffin came when in the closing segment Chopra let slip, “imagine if we were honest” [in the rapid-fire round]. She then lamely tried to cover the slip up by saying that she had been “diplomatic” as opposed to dishonest. Nice try, poor save.

Priyanka Chopra 9/10
Deepika Padukone 7/10
Karan Johar 8/10

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