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Consider a paradox. The occasion of Ramzan, which ends on Wednesday, August 7, enjoins the devout to avoid sensuous pleasures. Distractions of all varieties are forbidden. Hence the perfunctory Sallu blockbuster comes out only with the sheer korma on Eid. Yet this communal focus of attention generates such a frenzy of activity each evening as to erupt into a riotous, month-long carnival across the bylanes of Bhendi Bazaar.

A brief guide to how to best use the map
• For rolls and the full range of offal (kidneys and brain on the tawa, liver and udder on the sigdi) in a leisurely ambience, head first to the cluster of streetside tables in Bohri Mohalla, in the Saifee Ambulance Lane.

• Trek north from Grant Road for more unusual fare, like Hyderabadi khichda and Irani seekh kebab. Or stroll south past floodlit shopping stalls—on your way, don’t forget to sample Noor Mohammedi Hotel’s majestic nalli nihari—toward Minara Masjid, where you can jostle your way between caged quails and dangling kebabs.

• Visit early and often. As Eid approaches, the crowd grows larger and hungrier. The truth is that nearly every establishment marked on our map of Mohammed Ali Road and environs operates year-round, if not to the same late hour. But let’s face it, Ramzan is the time to revel, together, in the city’s fleshly pleasures.

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Comments (5)

  1. S Nandan |

    Time to update this map once again! Look forward to the 2014 version!

  2. Ajay N |

    Minor quibble. The map could be be better. The road that is marked Byculla Station actually goes to Sandhurst Road station.

    Also – There are sometimes(if you are really lucky) Haleem stalls (not Khichda) further down from Chinese n Grill. Worth putting on this treasure hunt map :)

  3. Apsara |

    We tried doing this back in my grad days and were completely lost, thanks for this, fingers crossed this time around

  4. Hassan Shirazi |

    Get Khichda right – its a dish famous in North India and specially Bombay during Muharram – Haleem is again a dish from North and Pakistan – with advent of Gulf working Hyderabadi – the custom of serving harees is compulsory in Ramadan – so as Indians cant eat bland Harees – the nuts and ghee induced Haleem was marketed – today after Hyd Biryani – Haleem has taken 2nd place – but Khicdha – mumbaikar like me swear by Khichda

  5. Augustine Correa |

    Delhi Zaika was shutdown a fortnight ag0