Dessert Review: Paagal Khana

July 23, 2013 6:59 pm by

Paagal Khana, the new Walkeshwar-based dessert delivery service, describes its confections as “crazily curious desserts”. That description, sadly, is mostly marketing spiel. Theirs is not so much a Willy Wonka-esque menu, but rather a collection of standard-issue cupcakes, tarts, and cakes. The most inspired selection is the “18+” section of alcohol-infused whole cakes and cupcakes available in flavours such as JD and Coke, rum and Coke, Corona and lime, and Hoegaarden and orange. However, Paagal Khana is still working on the licence to sell these boozy treats as theirs is a home kitchen set-up.

If you’re still excited by the prospect of eating dessert out of a jar, then you’ll be happy to know that Paagal Khana can package about 80 per cent of its menu into palm-sized glass containers. Their red velvet cake in a jar (Rs175), which had layers of unsweetened sponge and cream cheese frosting as well as a dark chocolate ganache embedded at the bottom of the jar, worked because of the balance of sugar across the three elements. Their plain cheesecake in a jar (Rs200) had the sharp and fragrant hit of cinnamon, but needed some textural tweaking as the crumb was as mushy as the cream cheese. The caramel cake in a jar (Rs150) was an olive green abomination lavished with sickly sweet white chocolate chips, which when combined with the murky caramel tasted like sticky barfi.

Paagal Khana’s tarts had lusciously decadent dark chocolate fillings flavoured with mint (Rs125) in one, and orange in the other (Rs125), but their savoury pie crusts almost dislodged our teeth. To scoop out the chocolate from the unyielding shells, we had to pick out the unnecessary garnish of sugary white chocolate chips, which also marred the caramel cake in a jar.

All prices are inclusive of taxes. This review was conducted anonymously. Paagal Khana offers free home delivery from Worli to Prabhadevi. See here for the menu.  To place an order, call 98672 33850 or mail