The Vigil Idiot: Ramaiya Vastavaiya

July 22, 2013 8:11 am by

This film, starring the producer Kumar Taurani’s son Girish Kumar (as hep dude Ram) and Shruti Haasan (as love interest Sona), is a remake of director Prabhu Deva’s own Telugu blockbuster Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Now, I can give the benefit of the doubt to a new director trying to remake a South Indian movie in Hindi and screwing up. But you’d think that the same guy making a movie twice would have learned some lessons from his first go-around, right? Well, if this film is anything to go by, you’d be wrong.

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  1. Janki |

    Let’s not forget the part where Ram is forcing himself on Sona, she slaps him, and he gets mad. And then Sona apologizes and says Ram may do whatever he likes with her. Because obviously a guy is entitled to such things, and she was clearly in the wrong. Ladies: if you have acknowledged feelings for a man, please be prepared to do anything he asks. If you fail to do so, make sure you apologize and offer up your body to him. Thanks, bollywood.

  2. KN |

    SOOOO looking forward to your take on Chennai Express! It definitely promises to be soaked in south stereotypes and cliches.

  3. AT |


    True. All the Telugu movies that are remade in Hindi seem stupid, because Telugu audience adores comedy. The script comes second. (Un)fortunately so.

    To be fair to the industry, remakes do not entirely reflect nativity. I don’t need to elucidate on that point. :-)
    Also, there are scores of Telugu movies that are not remade that are absolute gems. If you are Telugu, I suggest you watch more Telugu movies.

  4. Vigil Idiot is amazing concept and the why your are making content we really liked but looking for more from your side except movies.

    Nice job guys.

  5. blazzer1212 |

    ” Nisarga |
    July 28, 2013 at 11:05 am

    While the original Telugu movie was a bit old fashioned it was both endearing and entertaining. Almost every so called plot loophole you’ve pointed out is justified in the Telugu version. Prabu Deva seems to have have gone way overboard with the Hindi version though.”

    Einsteins Theory of Relativity : Its seems so with respect to the other dumb Telugu movies. It wanes once you use another frame of reference. #End_Pretentious_Physics.

  6. blazzer1212 |

    “5 scenes and 2 songs later”


  7. Nisarga |

    While the original Telugu movie was a bit old fashioned it was both endearing and entertaining. Almost every so called plot loophole you’ve pointed out is justified in the Telugu version. Prabu Deva seems to have have gone way overboard with the Hindi version though.

  8. aarkayne |

    ummm the dude that wrote the blurb before the review….its ‘hip’ dude…unless there’s a sick desi joke hidden somewhere….:-o

  9. Squeekjim Hotcaps |

    Sahil once again you’ve done it… great job… If these shite movies were computers, you’d be the overclocking genius next door…. your reviews help us derive several times the entertainment value than these ‘entertainers’ were originally designed to provide.


    And I notice you seem to have given up on Hollywood, but WHD is right there to salvage that for you :P Knock yourself out…. and the rest of us will be when we read it haha

  10. Andy |

    the Telugu “original” was a remake of the Sallu-Kajol starrer “Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya”

  11. hibiscus |

    The one I am waiting for is Ship of Theseus. Dare you, Sahil?

  12. Ashutosh Priyadarshi |

    a remake for the movie based on this animation would be much better and can get some really nice business for the producers :D

  13. Asheesh |

    It was a great and funny review..And final few panels really cracked me up.

    @Avinash – First of all, if you hate these spoof reviews so much, I have a good advice for you — Stop visiting this site… If you really have high IQ, this shouldn’t be too hard to get (challenging IQ???? Are you serious)

    And next, there is no money for Sahil in this. He used to publish this on his own blog earlier, and now it’s moved here..So only thing he is doing is making us smile (and also give a pretty accurate, but still funny reviews)..

    And finally, your IQ really seems to be challenged…Spoofing “Jobs”???”Breathing”??? Maybe Sahil should now spoof you

  14. Pandyaji |

    After reading the storyline through this strip – Seriously? Such a storyline in 2013?

    This movie sounds more like something that would come out of Padmalay film factory in early 80s with Jeetendra or Govinda in the main role and Sujit Kumar playing the brother’s role.

  15. chital |

    I had to wait for ages for the next strip.. please write on lootera also…this one is amazing… smartly observed..

  16. firdybaba |

    Ohgodohgodohgod I cant wait for the release of Chennai Express just so I can read Sahils review of it.

    That strip is going to be legen….

  17. Betty |

    Smartly observed…they didn’t see the brother for 7years? lol
    Awesome take once more

  18. Dee |

    @sahil: Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the movie just recently, but I’m a bit surprised you’d pick on plot points (and your observations are valid) and not at all mention the magnificent little details like a dancing dog, the homoerotic scenes between the rich dad and the henchman, a guy getting peed on his face…
    On second thought, glad you didn’t mention any of that.

  19. Aakanksha |


  20. Dee |

    @swordfish: yes, that point baffles me too. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the Mangalsutra in these movies is a visual metaphor. Something distinctly phallic about the way it is brandished like a weapon here.

  21. Avinash |

    I never said his strips are not funny….all i meant was that i pity ppl who takes this strips as a deciding factor to watch a movie. I challenge the IQ of such ppl. Anyways, just my point of view, no1 forces u to agree to it. Peace to all!!!

  22. Pras |

    Break given but only 5 mins … :-)

    Its funny. Enjoyed a lot.

  23. Prasad |

    Nice comic strip Sahil…. as always……..I am getting addicted of your funny reviews.
    Eagerly waiting for Bhag Milkha Bhag review.

  24. MJ |

    Not that I had any plans for this Just that I despis itall the!

  25. Nilisha |

    The ”Atta” thing cracked me up!
    great one asusual..enjoyed reading! :)

  26. $haggy |

    I have stopped reading Vigil Idiot comments becoz of Avinash!! :D

  27. swordfishh |

    You missed the most important point – Ram kills the evil landowner’s son by chopping his head off because he was just trying to force a mangalsutra around Sona’s neck (not because he was trying to rape, kill, maim or torture her!)

  28. Palak |

    I cannot decide whether the comic strip is funnier or some of the comments on the strip!!

    No, wait…the comic is definitely better :P

    Awesome job as always…”Is that not normal?” :D

  29. Shreshth |

    @Avinash: Get a life and maybe some IQ along with it. That one friend you have in this entire world, will also stop being your friend if you don’t stop being yourself.

  30. Anwesh |

    @Avinash, if you don’t like Sahil, don’t read his comics.
    We like having a sense of humour and laughing. It is really sad that you are really sad.
    P.S. Sahil is a freelance writer. He doesn’t take a penny to keep us entertained. If you want to entertain us, fine. Just don’t try to be a pseudo-intellectual and British at the same time.

  31. Avinash |

    Not seen the movie and I will most definitely not. And it has nothing to do with Sahil’s review. he is just making money by spoofing movies. I really pity the ppl who takes these strips seriously on deciding if to watch a movie or not. I read someone comment “I have stopped watching Bollywood movie because of Sahil”.

    Hope Sahil doesnt start spoofing stuff like jobs, business, breathing, eating and so on. And if he does, someone will comment “I have stopped breathing beacuse of Sahil” — I just hope miraculously ppl understand this sarcasm

  32. Ramya |

    Waiting for your post on Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

  33. aruna |

    Ha ha this was great!! Bollywood’s going to take out a contract on you!!!!

  34. Asha |

    “Good at growing atta”….EPIC!

  35. Shruthi |

    I’ve seen this one in Tamil. And it is unbearable. Why this is in Hindi is beyond my brain’s computation abilities.

  36. Rickson |

    Hahaha.. Nicely done yo!

  37. Sahit |

    I’ve stopped watching Bollywood movies because of you man. The last one I’ve watched in a theatre was Dabangg 2.

  38. Ashish Maheshwari |

    Thanks..You saved my 250 bucks! :)

  39. Assad |

    As always, Sahil – u saved my trip to Gaiety Galaxy. I think this movie deserves a B grade theatre to be shown.

  40. Hemanth |

    What a nincom”poop”!

  41. Devika |

    “Great guardian angeling yaar !! ” ha ha , so funny !!

    Love your reviews and your little comic strips :)

  42. Roopak |

    The Telugu movie was a partial remake of ‘Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya’. Not ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’.

  43. Vicky Donor |

    Please do not re make south Indian Movies…. You cannot put Atta in Sambar rice and roll it as a roti… Give me a Break Guys…