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Director Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2 is as much a sequel to the 1990 blockbuster as the IPL is a valid substitute for the people who miss Test cricket. Then again, it’s no surprise that this film, about a full-on alcoholic rock star (Aditya Roy Kapur) and his groupie girlfriend (Shraddha Kapoor), has nothing to do with its supposed predecessor. Especially when you consider the fact that it comes from the same people who gave you Jism 2, Raaz 3, and Murder 3, all movies that barely belong to the same genre as their prequels, let alone have any common characters or plot lines. Having said that, there is one thing that ties them together – they’re all pretty darn awful.

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  1. Aman |

    ***Covering his eyes

    Hey, if it works for Superman, why not here :P

  2. Kaushal |

    Review was hilarious, but Sahil I must say reaction of “aashiqui2″ in comments made this review epic, ;)
    keep up the good work.

  3. dev |

    super cool.. diz movie had so big loops…
    nd vry hilarious way to point dem

  4. Saurabh |

    That’s what I kept on thinking as well- why d fuk they just can’t think of a rehab!!!!!!

  5. Ninada |

    Totally in love with your writing dude!! :)

  6. Anju |

    ‘Daru lao yo!’ Just classic Sahil.. Nice work man!

  7. Jay Patel |

    @sadaf The Actor Of The Film Has More Aashiqui With Alcohol Than His GF!

    Loooll! Pretty much sums up the movie

  8. chital |

    yeah.. the rehab thing is awesome.. wonder why the director didn’t think about that…but yes, a movie full of flaws always makes it..

  9. Anu |

    I still wonder how this move did so well!!! Your review is more entertaining than the movie! :)

    “impressed by her face detection abilities” ROFL!!!!

  10. Santanu B |

    It made 100+ crores apparently – biggest joke is on the audience apparently!

  11. Abhishek Bangar |

    a professional attempt to make money by targeting the imbecile, good-for-nothing, ‘superstars in their own dreams’ kind of guys ..tricking them to believing in some shitty kind of solace they get from watching the movie by reasoning and justifying their own loser acts in their own not-so-happening and god-awful melodramatic affairs…success of this movie was a slap on the faces of our stupid audience who have not had a clue


  12. chotu ustaad |

    You are so true about the Bhatt camp movies…
    My take on their fake sequels-

  13. aashiqui2 |

    Okay… what was that?

    I laughed BUT on the serious note: the movie is not absolutely what it is shown in this review. Can’t you people give some decent critics? You should show BOTH the good and the bad points of the movie.

    Rehab? Yeah, I think that too, but she wanted to cure him by herself instead of handing him to a couple of strangers. Many people in rel life drinks and smoke so much yet, their lovers can’t admit them in rehabs just because they think that they might cure them without handing them over to some strangers.

    SECONDLY, he didn’t fall in love with her overnight. Do you remember the dialogue – ‘pyar gun se hua hai ya gunvanti se, ye pata nahi’ just because he was too much wasted that he was’t knowing what the heck was he saying. Later, while grooming her voice, he fell IN LOVE with her.

    THIRDLY, he died BECAUSE(that’s absolutely my assumption) it was difficult for him to leave alcohol, he was embarrassing her everywhere, he hurt her once, he loved her more than he loved himself AND living without her would have been next to impossible for him, so in short, he took the hardest way (Yeah, it is) and DIED!!!

    I loved the acting of Aditya Roy Kapoor and you people should definitely watch this movie. TAKE YOUR OWN BRAINS WITH YOU INSTEAD OF DEPENDING ON SOMEONE ELSE’ REVIEWS!

    Enough said! Peace :D

  14. Hilarious! Especially the rehab part!

  15. Kavya |

    Enjoyed the post more than the movie ! Totally hilarious ! :D
    “I mean, my favorite singer in this whole entire universe covering his eyes”, Hahahaha !!

  16. Faisal |

    What RJ gave Arohi may go down as infatuation or a self belief but what Arohi gave back to RJ was a true love and companionship, holding hands together during tough times.
    These days, no sooner your fame and money starts to loose its shine, your friends starts to disappear.
    I was literally in tears when RJ had no money and was desperately searching for a leftover drink in the garbage of the house and then picking up Arohi’s wallet. When Arohi saw him doing so, she moved out of the scene to ignore it. Film was okay involving some serious emotional scenes but yes, I agree with most of the people who have posted their comments saying that dialogues were terrible and out of place. I agree.

  17. Ankit Bahuguna |

    I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that Indian filmmakers lack original ideas hence it is really too much to expect a movie with decent story line from them.
    What bothers me more is the fact that they have become so intellectually bankrupt that they can’t even think of original names for their movies too!!

  18. Loved the hillarious review. :)

    I think it was totally a lost storyline. (seems that the producers had quite a lot of say on it) ;)

    The director of the film failed to establish facts like – why was he in tears/broken/drunk in the commencing scenes? I was expecting a flashback considering the fact that he must have had a heartbreak.

    At one point I felt the rehab scenes would show his transformation to prove how powerful love is, the film takes an ugly turn when Rahul starts drinking again, while she gets busy building her career.

    The scene when she says that she would also start drinking like Rahul, was HILLARIOUS!

    Dialogues are terrible. Terrible is an understatement.

    But, I am biased about Aditya Roy Kapoor. He is too good. (Not in acting, but in appearnace).

    After interval, I repented on making a decision to watch the pathetic movie.. ;)

  19. Mani Pandey |

    Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Everybody please readddddddddddddddddddd

    I dont what is going wrong with indian cinema director MOHIT SURI DIRECTOR of ashique2 i should say film is just awesome the actresses shraddha kapoorrrrrr is just too good in her acting and role in the movie and also ADITYA ROY but i dont know what happened to him and story writer till end the it is good to watch but in the end the hero died spoiling all the charisma and romance of the movie.
    The fool generalist of news channel who quoted that romantic persons should watch but if they loved ever they should know that where is the love when one person dies.
    And the directors should know why dilwale dulhaniya completed its 500 weeks hum sath sath sath hai dabang & dabang 2 inc trp everytime because of itz happy ending vaise hi itne gum hai duniya mai ek saala movie mai bhi yehi shuru kar diya. Before watching ghazni i loved kaise mujhe tum mil gai song but after watching movie i never want to hear that even though song is great my hello tune is song tum hi ho but now im thinking to change because that make me remember the tragedyyyyyy in ashique 2. Well mohit suri you spoiled my craze of watching your beautifully directed and too good star cast………………………..
    Mani Pandey……………………………………………

  20. Sadaf |

    The Actor Of The Film Has More Aashiqui With Alcohol Than His GF! :D

  21. Sadaf |

    It was hilarious!
    Especially the ‘talk to the rockstar hand’ part! :D

  22. Kant |

    What a dude Dr. Rizwan. Superbly written. Am a Fan from now!

  23. Abdul K |

    “…World Famous in India” Hahahahahahahah.
    I love it man!

  24. vici |

    Actually, it’s 76 yrs late in remaking..

  25. Prachi |

    Bollywood was only 37 years late in making this :D

  26. Anshu |

    Totally agree with this review… this movie is sooo dumb, it can win awards for that itself… and wat was the gal doing at 12 in the night buying vegetables and that too in Goa, where shops close early??? And there are portraits of Lata Mangeshkar & Manna Dey on this bar.. Amazing, I tell you…
    And the legendary dialogues…”daru uss biwi ki tarah hoti hai jo saath bhi rahegi, sataegi bhi aur talak bhi nahin degi”….ahem… WAT THE BHEN??? I wasted my time and money on this nonsense :(