The Vigil Idiot: Himmatwala

April 1, 2013 9:17 am by

It takes a special man to take an already bad movie, add his own insane twists, and somehow make it worse than the film that came out from the worst decade Bollywood has ever seen. But even I wouldn’t have pegged Sajid Khan to be that man. Sure, he has a worse sense of humour than a ten-year-old schoolboy, but even he’d have better sense than to remake a film like this without trying to spoof it, right? Well, “A Sajid Khan Entertainer” is what his reinterpretation of 1980s flick Himmatwala proudly claims to be as the end credits roll. And, lemme tell ya, if directors being horrifyingly faithful to outdated and regressive scripts is your idea of entertainment, this film – starring Ajay Devgn as the titular Himmatwala aka Ravi – delivers all guns blazing.

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  1. sai |

    Lol _/\_ you have made fun of dis movie at another level. .logic is for pussies is just epic

  2. Aditi Shetty |

    Just stumbled across this site. Hilarious reviews!! :D :D.
    Love your style of writing. Your Ram Leela and JTHJ reviews had me in splits. :D

  3. Ajinkya |

    Son of the year only…. EPIC LOL….!!!

  4. Your brand new fan |

    Hahahahahaha super funny dude . Your comic strips are epic!!you make my day

  5. Tanmay Muthe |

    I read this far too late. I do not watch bollywood movies unless my wife tazes me enroute to the cinema. I would pay more than the cinema’s worth for your movie narration if you would oblige. This was a good laugh. Thank you and keep writing.

  6. Prii |

    Why aren’t you merchandising yet? I’d totally buy ‘Holy Regressive Undertones, Batman!’ t-shirt/ pillow cover thingies and whatnots!

  7. Bwahahahahaha!! That is hysterical! Even more so cos it’s playing on the telly right now.. omg. #WorstFilmOf2013.

  8. Squeekjim Hotcaps |

    ROFLMAO “kahaan tha, lodu” hahhaa

  9. Anu |

    Awesome!!! Tooooooooo good!!!

  10. omkar |

    man it was great that movie would have been much better if it was based on this strip

  11. Nupur |

    Kaha tha Lodu .. ha ha ha..

    I love the transformation drawn from Skimpy skirts to Salwar Kameez… too good

  12. Akshant |

    Holy regressive undertones batman!!!!! Classic stuff.

  13. Anam |

    Love ur reviews!!! Please do one for EK thi Daayan as well, Pleaase

  14. Amit |

    Very entertaining comic strip. Made my day. Keep it up.

  15. vidyut jamwal |

    Eagerly awaiting ur review for upcoming blunders aka commando, nautanki saala, chasme fuddor….himmatwaala, ime aur main n JTHJ were awesome by the way…keep up the gud work..!

  16. Jeet |

    Dude, the tiger from Himmatwala, resembles the cheetah from Marder 3.
    same family, career’s over for both, lol ;)

  17. Ashutosh |

    Several great punches in there, man.
    “kahan tha lodu?”.. “only morally bankrupt women wear skirts”.. bwahahahahahahah
    but my favorite was the tiger.. awesome work!!!

  18. Jeet |

    “Kahan tha Lodu?”
    “Thigh revealing piece of meat”

  19. Gaurav Pandey |

    What the bhen!!!
    This was epic

  20. arvind |

    reading it for the first time and now i am completely hooked–looking forward to the next one

  21. Addy |

    ‘Kaha tha lodu?’

  22. Aks |


    I am more entertained reading your review. :D

    Your reviews certainly strip souls of the movies and I, for one, do never even care to watch that movie. After reading your review, I could not gather courage to watch Ra.One.

    Keep doing goooooood work and keep us entertained.


  23. Sameer Hafiz |


  24. Manash Saikia |

    Sahil Bhai…..i do not follow bollywood movies, except exceptionals….. but ur reviews have made me watch the originals on quite a few ocassions…..this is true only!

  25. Gulzar |

    Sahil you sense of humour is superb and very original

  26. Dude.. when r u making this for Olympus has Fallen… :-|

  27. Sreya |

    Ultimate Review !!

  28. Alina |

    Wish Bollywood was at least half as creative and intelligent as you are!

  29. Ria |

    Hilarious!! You are the ultimate king of humour and sarcasm!

  30. Kedar |

    ummm….wait a minute…so, your reviews are spoofs???? what.the.bhen?….i always thought they were serious recounting of the movies, staying true to the script and all that…

    i am still reeling…so, you are saying that the movies you review are really not this funny?

    ok, question: why would anyone want to watch the movie when they can just come here and…….you get what i mean, right?

  31. Harsh |


  32. eliza bennet |

    Good review, thank you!

  33. Jerina |

    :-D Loved every word of it as usual. These movies have to be made so that you can review it. Thanks for the social service done in watching the movie and saving us the trouble.

  34. Karishma |

    “kahaan tha, lodu?” ROFL
    For this, you deserve a standing ovation.

  35. Surbhi |

    You know what, as much as reading this stupendously awesome review makes me want to watch both the original (why would someone spend on making it?) and the remake (why would someone spend on remaking it??) of this trashy movie, I cannot for fuck’s sake find the guts to watch them. Superbly done, Sahil! Hats off!

  36. A.V.Siddarth |

    Sahil.. i Heart you…. Pls to meet me once.. My dream will be fulfill.. Plssssss

  37. sriram |

    Ha, ha, ha, brilliant! Loved it so much that I am now expectantly waiting for the next Sajid Khan movie. Not only is your review a public service, but the fact that you watch it for us is a public good too! Thank you!

  38. Surrinder Sood |

    Sahil, your review and presentation are both charming and pithy.

  39. Sri |

    Hey i’m a through film buff and once in a while drop reviews in my FB account… but this is the best review one can give…. amazing and absolutely hillarious way of guaging the mettle of the film… nothing drives home the point more than a witty counter argument… please keep writing this way…. one suggestion is dont reveal too much of the story if u ever review a good movie… But this awesome… keep going… i’ll checkout your other write-ups now …

  40. Hemant Pawaskar |

    Really awesome work … Looking forward for ur next review :)

  41. Viraj |

    Grade-A Haraamis!!!!

  42. uchak |

    I really like this and am gonna follow u pretty regularly.

  43. Vijay |

    You are a ROCKSTAR, Sahil !!! I eagerly look fwd to Mondays now !!!

  44. tinnu |

    “grown-ass ravi” lol:)

  45. yourfan |

    sahil dearest, you really understood the tiger’s plight. they made a pussy out of him in this movie. the peta people send their reagrds. and the feline fraternity wants to make you their brand ambassador.
    nailed it man! this surely is ne of the hilarous-est review of yours. i was entertained for sure.