The Future Is In A Bandra Backyard

March 13, 2013 8:07 am by

If you’ve been wondering about what to do with all your old cassettes, Kushal Sethi has a solution. The artist has woven a shawl from audio tapes that actually looks quite fashionable. See for yourself at Otlo, a design project that’s part of the ongoing India Design Week and the upcoming India Design Forum.

Curated by architect Ashiesh Shah and Tejas Mangeshkar, a member of the electronica collective Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, Otlo, which means “porch” in Gujarati, is a collection of 13 installations arranged in the backyard of Mangeshkar’s studio in Bandra. Shah describes the works as “stencils for the future”. That means that all the installations are “work-in-progress” objects, made from recycled or sustainable materials, that could have use in the future. For instance, designer Arjun Rathi’s installation, “Cellular Fission Panel”, (see image) which you might have spotted at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival this year, is a rectangular grid of weather-proof paper origami pyramids that’s lit up. Shah pointed out that the panel could be used as a graphic display for directions.

Industrial designer Ambika Hinduja has designed “Travelling Teeth”, a prototype of a kit made using environmentally-friendly material that has a slot for a toothbrush, one for dental floss and a container for toothpaste that also functions as a dispenser. Artists Yashas Shetty and Ronn will be showing visitors how to build little light-sensitive synthesisers, which look like toy versions of an analog synth, that they can take with them. And designer Shilpa Chavan aka Little Shilpa has demonstrated how to recycle bits and bobs of material by creating three pieces of headgear using fabric and accesssories such as ribbons and tassels like the ones that dangle from the backs of trucks.