Art Of The Day: Love Robes

March 8, 2013 9:33 am by

Louise Despont got married recently, as good a reason as any to have love and other romantic things on her mind. Which is why her diptych “Long Distance Gardening” currently on display at Galerie Isa as part of her solo, shows two robes, their sleeves outstretched, almost but not quite touching each other. “I’ve been thinking of unions, of two people,” says the New York-based artist, who uses graphite and coloured pencils on the pages of antique ledger books to create intricate drawings. Indeed look closely at certain works, and behind the jumble of patterns and geometric shapes—inspired by Despont’s recent travels around India—you’ll spy the spidery scrawl of a diligent accountant, some of the writing nearly 100 years old.