Watch Rajasthani Folk Star Kutle Khan at Bonobo

January 31, 2013 8:02 am by

If you’ve seen Susheela Raman in concert, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the immensely talented Kutle Khan, who has become an integral part of Raman’s gigs and is also part of the band Rajasthan Roots. One of Rajasthani folk music’s fastest-rising stars, Khan is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whose skills on the khartal (castanets), bhapang (a single-string percussion instrument) and morchang (Jew’s harp) are often the highlight of concerts he performs. Khan will get a gig of his own this Thursday, January 31, when The Kutle Khan Project, of which he is the artistic director and frontman, plays the mid-week jam at Bandra bar Bonobo. The fact that the Kutle Khan Project—which also features harmonium player Champe Khan, sarangi player Dayum Khan, dholak player Magada Khan and khartal player Rahfiq Khan—will perform at a venue that usually programmes DJs and indie bands, is further indication that Kutle Khan is considered quite a rock star by the city’s gig-going crowd.