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October 29, 2012 8:08 am by

Now, I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t know this movie existed till five days ago. But then I heard that it starred Emraan Hashmi as crime reporter Samar Grover, and I couldn’t help but be interested. I mean, who better to do a serious takedown of the media than the Serial Kisser himself, right? And when I heard the supporting cast included Neha Dhupia (as executive Lisa Kapoor) and Aditya Pancholi (as media tycoon Roger Khanna), I was in line first day, first show! I kid, of course. I’d never get up before noon for anyone other than Sunny Leone. Maybe her acting could’ve saved this disaster of a film.

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Comments (20)

  1. amalan |

    the review format (toon) and the slang (esp the ebonics) make it not only funny, but really addictive.

    I am glued to the reviews, yo. wish you would please consider reviewing south indian, specifically tamil movies. same shit bro, maybe less colorful and sans nri based stuff.

    cool work.

  2. geekz |

    Uma: you are correct. Almighty its based on similar theme.

    Super review.

  3. This one is good. And this is movie is pretty much fucked up. Why do they make such movies? Why do people watch such movies at the first place.

  4. Uma |

    Brilliant… love those silence pieces… :-) Btw… wasn’t Almighty by Irving Wallace based on creating crime and reporting them (though for a print newspaper) theme?

    Brilliant piece as usual…

  5. Vikram |

    Ek new Bond movie Skyfall per bhi ho jaye …

  6. Madar of Bhen |

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar pls.

  7. Bhen |

    Thank you for ALWAYS guaranteeing a smile on my face when I read your comic! Happy Diwali…and oh ya…am popularizing what the bhen …but maader of chod is even better…goddamit you rock

  8. Dhiraj |

    Great work, Sahil. Fan from Canada here.

  9. Atul |

    Good read…

    Sahil you have missed many movie reviews.. please upload them as well.


  10. Sameer |

    that breakfast cereal strip made me fall off my damn funny!

  11. Sana |

    Sahil u are too good! Are you single? NOPE? Cool beans, bro

  12. Sahas |

    Good one, as usual.
    I must say that this story sounds a lot like the Brazilian channel that was busted for sponsoring crimes and getting first dibs on the coverage.
    I cannot find the link but it did happen…

  13. Rit Chandra |

    Wasn’t there a movie called New Delhi Times (or something like that) starring Jitendra? If I remember correctly he was the editor who also committed the crimes…

  14. bhavin |

    superb narration! hilarious :)

  15. Josaf |

    Seems “inspired” by ‘Tomorrow Never Dies”..the villain there, a tycoon, does commit crimes, albeit on a much larger level, for generating TRCs for his News Corp…

  16. he got a brand ambassador deal for a kiddie cereal? fuck my marketing.

  17. Rohan |

    Sweet comic review. A fan from Barcelona here.

  18. AT |

    Brilliant stuff once again! You should consider doing one for Aiyah. If you can sit through the first 15 minutes that is. I considered suing the creators of that film, but then realized that they probably sunk every last penny into that flop and it would probably cost me more than I could get out of it.

    Keep up the good work. Look forward to more of your work.

  19. Abdaal |

    Guess I will go watch this for Neha Dhupia’s making out then..

    Brilliant work, Sahil!

    btw..Was she any good at that?