New Taxi And Auto-rickshaw Tariff Cards Are Out

October 11, 2012 10:04 am by

If, like us, you take taxis and autos to work, you might be moaning about the increased fares that came into effect from today, October 11. To avoid paying even more—there’s a chance of being ripped off by unscrupulous cabbies and autowallahs who are yet to acquire the new tariff cards—keep copies of the revised fare cards. See here for the new taxi tariff card and here for the revised auto tariff card.

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  1. J K Arya |

    waiting time appears to be rigged in most auto which i have travelled. Waiting charge should be altogether removed.
    If at all charged, it should be very nominal, just as Re 1 (rupee one only) for five minutes. One minute is too less a time, as one minuete elapses in many of the signals at one time.
    Rigging of meter keeps on going in one way or the other; now in most time of meter is observed rigged.

  2. Aruna |

    I too have a query. The electronic meter displays a distance of 1.4 km and the fare changes to Rs. 16 whereas in the tariff card it is 1.6 km should be charged Rs. 16. How is it so, is it manipulated meter? and what calculation goes for the waiting time, since autowalahs say the waiting time gets added and hence the charge variation.


    The Auto Drivers are still charging more inspite of revised fare. The new digital meter minimum distance showing 1.4 kms and charging Rs.15 /- actual distance be 1.6kms.

  4. Manish Johhn |

    Many rick drivers have changes the fare and I got cheated couple of times. So came across this fare cards from the web. Just what i wanted
    You can download the auto fare cards from this site . The page’s got 2 versions- Electronic and Mechanical.

  5. Shilpa |

    Hey in electronic meter the KM reflected was 2.4km and in Rs. it reflected as 20.50. The auto wala charged me 28 against 20.50… I too used the same calc of 9.87*2.4km but still he took 28 bucks.

  6. anu |

    Auto drivers do claim that ‘Waiting Time’ is being charged extra to the distance travelled. Nowhere the calculation on Waiting Time is shown but all the meters show extra fare to the distance travelled. Can someone please explain what to pay?

  7. vihang |

    There is no charge for waiting time. What u hv to pay is Rs. 9.87 * the distance ui travelled. For eg. If u travelled 4.1 km then Rs. 9.87*4.1 would be the fare payable. However, pls be aware of fake tariff cards, which would show u excess fare. So keep this calculation in mind and pay accordingly. Thanks.

  8. kanishka trikha |

    in an electronic meter, u pay by distance (which is much lesser) or as per the old fare?? they insist on paying by the old fare..and what should one do?? is there a helpline? and do not say call the cops..they are neither present everywhere nor do they care to help.


  9. Asha Nair |

    meter reading for ric was 4.1 and thewaiting was showing 3 min (due to traffic jam).What is the fare ? Can somebodyexplain the calculations?

  10. shaikh bismillah |

    minimum fare for taxi 1.6km Rs19 right. & 1.5 km for auto fare Rs 15. but nobody taken under 1.6 km fare from the passenger. if u r travel 1.00km by taxi they take rs 19.WHY!!!!!!

  11. Mayuresh |

    Its basically Rs.9.87 x distance travelled..i.e Fare payable

  12. Mayuresh |

    New fare is as per KM. You need not see the actual fare shown. You just need to check the distance travelled and its corresponding fare payable. The tariff card auto rickshaw drivers show has in itself got the calculation method. Check the tariff car footer. The details are mentioned.

    Please refer the below link:

  13. Mihir Desai |

    My second query was that does the fare in Rupees increases if the rickshaw is standstill. If it does then how much is the increase calculated according to?
    Thank you

  14. Mihir Desai |

    My query is In electronic meters do we have to pay according to the fare shown or the distance travelled. My distance travelled showed 1.6kms and Rs16/-. But he asked for Rs22/-. His explanation being this that the fare showed next to Rs16/- was Rs22/-. Can u clear this query.

  15. baby |

    recently I travelled minimum distance by auto n came to know that there are different tariff rates for old n new digital meters.why is it so?

  16. Navin |

    To day I travel from Kandivli east to west meter reading was 1.4 ans as per old rate it is Rs.18, and rixa man said as per new card it is Rs.24.
    It is Rs. 6 difference then what is sence in declaring fare hike Rs.3/-?

  17. Mimi |

    What i think is patently unfair is that since the various price hikes of the last 2 years, we’re paying the increased prices but the tampered meters are still happily plying the streets.

    I wish the RTO would get their act together and get all the riks and cabs to mandatorily install tamperproof electronic metres with the correct revised fares on display so we dont have to run around referring to 2 different fare cards.

    If the auto wallas want a fare increase, then it’s only fair that the consumers get a level playing field when it comes to metres. Anything else is cheating.

  18. Dear Sir,

    please allow me to download this new fare of Auto and Taxi

  19. nirav |

    yesterday I was charged 77rs according to the meter reading while it showed 67rs according to kilometer reading my qurey was we have to pay according to what

  20. Tasneem |

    Is there a fare card for the autos having the old non-electronic meter?