Starbucks Will Open First Outlet In Horniman Circle

September 20, 2012 11:14 am by


Bandra coffee crawlers, we’ve got news for you. If you are among those who didn’t want US cafe chain Starbucks sullying up your neighbourhood with its venti triple shot lattes, it turns out it won’t or at least not yet. The latest issue of The Taj magazine, which carries an interview with Starbucks’ Asia Pacific food director Gary Michael Martin, says the first store will open in Horniman Circle in 2012 (according to this report, the launch has been delayed to the end of the year). The brand, which will enter India through a joint venture with the hotel chain’s air catering division Taj SATS, will localise part of the menu (a tandoori paneer multigrain sandwich and a “chocomosa” appear to be two of the offerings), in addition to serving its staple selection of muffins and pastries. Though The Taj magazine doesn’t elaborate on whether Starbucks will sell its “chai latte” to Indian consumers, their trademark Frappuccino (which, amazingly has its own website), will be sold here.