Anuvab Pal Takes On Arnab Goswami

September 14, 2012 8:00 am by

Photo: Deepanjana Pal.

According to stand-up comic Anuvab Pal, astoundingly loquacious Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami has “redefined the art of debate”. To find out exactly how, watch Pal’s first solo show The Nation Wants To Know (named after one of Goswami’s oft-used phrases) at The Comedy Store on Wednesday, September 19. Pal, who is also a playwright (Chaos Theory, The Bureaucrat) and a scriptwriter (Loins of Punjab, The President Is Coming) talked to us about the show, growing up in the 1980s and why he’s looking so cross in this photo.

How has Arnab Goswami redefined the art of debate?
He has changed how humans listen and respond so as to do them at the same time. Only a higher being is capable of that.

You grew up in Kolkata. What do you make of Mamata Banerjee’s promise to make the city the cultural capital of the world?
I think Bengalis are so cultured that everything is beneath us. Including taking the trouble to build a cultural capital. I also like the idea of Calcutta becoming London, which was an earlier promise. I think that’s progressing well. We already are planning to get, or have gotten, a ferris wheel like the London Eye. You always need that as step one. Anyone trying to build London knows that.

One of the themes you keep returning to is growing up in the 1980s. What do you miss most about that time?
Safari suits. Drakkar Noir cologne. Smugglers. In that order.

What would you like your next film to be about?
A scriptwriter who is a liar and steals ideas from others.

Why do you look angry in this photo?
Everyone in the country is angry at someone or something. Everyone is shouting at everyone. I am not angry at anything but I really wanted to fit in. So the face.