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September 3, 2012 7:04 am by

Joker stars Akshay Kumar as NASA scientist Agastya, and Sonakshi Sinha as his live-in girlfriend Diva. The good thing about director Shirish Kunder’s movie is that it’s only 110 minutes long. The bad thing is that those were 110 minutes of my life that I’m never getting back. I mean, seriously! Did you read the part about Akshay Kumar playing a NASA scientist?

NB. This post has been updated to correct the name of Sonakshi Sinha’s character, which was incorrectly stated as Manali.

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Comments (67)

  1. Sandy |

    Few more slang for u to use going forward: Bhosad Patti, Turbut, B Chudrus! Sharing all our school time secrets for our fav comic reading!

  2. Ranjith |

    NASA frikking sceintist in the house u all …hahaha

  3. Suropriya Saha |

    This is awesome to the power infinity!! U rock. I actually feel like watching the movie now!

  4. Jayprakash |

    Awesomesauce !!!

    Great work guys…

  5. Abhishek |

    does this really happen?
    Sahil has to do a new strip dedicated totally to this shitassery

  6. Pankaj |

    Hey, you missed out the most hilarious bit, about the alien talking to Agastya’s brother in some language that only the two of them can speak and the brother then plays dumb charades and explains what the alien is saying and the alien dances to new songs to prove they have been keeping an eye on earth for the past two years

  7. dhiman |

    EGGHEAD !! U rock man!!

  8. Geetika |

    Dude, you are just brilliant. Have been following your posts for quite some time.
    My favorite weekend task is to catch a movie and then read your review.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  9. Lokesh Bahety |

    Dude, your entire archive is a work of pure genius. But this one is just extraordinary. Tough task, but successfully stifled all bursts of laughter in the office reading this.
    P.S: You are freaking amazing \m/

  10. VHP |

    Laughed really hard at this. I am really amazed that people still work with Shirish Kunder. But yeah, they work with Goldie Behl as well, so who are we to say anything?

  11. Shobha |

    And of course there was the fact that Sonakshi Sinha’s character had been living with some random guy without even properly finding out about his family for two whole years and then isn’t even pissed when he casually tells her he had lied about the wh9le thing all along. Like it happens everyday.
    Awesome strip. Keep up the great work.

  12. Atul |

    Amazing… all my frustration vented!!! can rest in peace now…

  13. Karuna |

    awesome!!loved it :D

  14. Madhuri |

    1) Maddar of chod
    2) Egghead
    3) what the bhen

    just to name a few… have entered my vocab!

    I love u :D

  15. Apurva |

    Maadar of Chod!!! n the egghead…. lolz. Amazing work…
    Theres actually a new slang in my freiends circle where we use phrases like “Mother of Bhen” n “Maadar of chod”is going to be a new addition to our dictionary :P
    Keep it up dude, your fans are multiplying my the minute :)

  16. Smita |

    I love it how you’ve made Sonakshi’s head enormous.. hahaha..

  17. Saloni |

    It was awesome Sahil…Gr8 work!
    But still i would like to highlight that Shirish Kunder made a small mistake. Sonakshi tells Akshay that his brother called and told her that his father is not well. But as per the movie Akshay’s brother speaks such a language “agachaba..” which Akshay himself don’t understand ..How could Miss Diva understand that?
    Such a stupid movie.