Age 37 Is The New Old For Vogue

August 3, 2012 2:28 pm by

With the advent of botox and fillers and all things injectable and not always legal, age has become somewhat of a non-issue. Seventy-somethings (see exhibits A and B) look frequently younger than their years, leading to the ever topical question: what’s old?

According to Vogue, the threshold was 43 last year, when they proclaimed¬†Madhuri Dixit as their 2011 “Age Issue” cover girl. This year, it’s sunk to 37, with a close-up of Kajol, her face smoothed away to indeterminable age, on the cover. While we love that the mag chose not to Photoshop away her unibrow, we’d like to point out that looking “ageless” isn’t so terribly hard when you’re what some societies might still consider young.