The Vigil Idiot: Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

July 30, 2012 7:47 am by

What do you get when you take what is supposed to be a sex comedy, and take out the sex and comedy? You get Sachin Yardi’s Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, starring Ritesh Deshmukh and Tusshar Kapoor. I watched it with an open mind, but the jokes were older and tamer than the ones I’ve heard from my 13-year-old cousin. Here’s what I saw:

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Comments (19)

  1. Sam Jee |

    All hail the power of MANBOOBS.. evidently of Tushhar Kappoor! LOl..

  2. geekz |

    Manboobs.. Awesome

  3. Ubbus |


  4. Atul |

    You missed many more stupid movie plots… anupam kher, chunky etc etc…. awaiting many more vigil idiot review…

  5. Naveed |

    I was expecting a lot more from this comic, as the movie is full of shit, i thought u would make the comic funny :(

  6. Great read! Keep up the good work!

  7. It was short and funny….but I am still in the after-feel-effect of reading Ek Tha Tiger first…keep your good work dude…

  8. Ravindra Rai |

    Dude you reviewing KSKHH using so much brains is like Picasso reviewing this comic strip.

  9. karen |

    Can you please bring back the regular film reviews? These cartoons just aren’t cutting it — in this one, explanatory stuff like “rolls eyes” and “don’t ask”etc completely negate the tone of the cartoon. This 24-year old needs to grow up some..meanwhile please please bring back your regular snarky film reviewers!

  10. Love it!! All hail the power of manboobs :P

  11. Tarana |

    How ironic that gay boy Tusshar is doing a movie promoting homophobia. Who is he kidding? He is more a boob than a man. Kya Fool Hain Hum?

  12. Aditi |

    Hilarious. Thank you for making fun of these shitty movies. Cheers.

  13. gaurav |

    film name should be “Kya super Bore hai hum!”

  14. Shruthi |


    Oh well, apparently too much brain death happened by the looks of it!

  15. after reading this, i ant watching this movie even on DVD.

  16. Was it so bad that the actual comic strip would be filled with the blank silence frame for like a gazillion times?

  17. Vidooshak |

    You seem to have really hated it. But not with the same passion as ‘London Dreams’. Hehehe!!

  18. Sonya |

    The picture is a masterpiece.. The comic felt a lot rushed.. probably a lot busy this time around!! But we expect a loooot more from you Sahil !! This did not satiate our vigil idiot hunger.. sorry

  19. sayan |

    Not as good as the other ones Saahil.This could have been a lot funnier.