The Good Buy: Missisippy By The Style Kitchen

June 27, 2012 3:20 pm by

No matter what the nature of our ailment, in addition to medication, doctors and nutritionists frequently suggest a diet rich in fibre. The prescription, needless to say, is highly unappealing as we consider husk, grains, seeds and their ilk to be bird feed. That was until we sampled Life, a flavoured “muesli-type snack” manufactured by The Style Kitchen, a company set up in 2011 by chef and entrepreneur Jaideep Sippy. Life is the first of many whole grain and high fibre ready-to-eat foods that The Style Kitchen plans to manufacture under its “Missisippy” range. The products aim to provide one’s daily requirement of fibre in the form of seeds, nuts, whole grains and berries. However, unlike most packaged cereals and muesli smothered by the excessive addition of sugar, Missisippy mixes are sweetened using only organic honey, jaggery or prunes, said Sippy. Life, which is available in apple cinnamon, berry burst, coffee hazelnut and original flavours, is made up of a combination of grains of amaranth, flax seeds, husk, and puffed lotus seeds. We found Life, which can be eaten with yoghurt or added to milk, juices or oats, to be as addictive as chivda. A minimum order of two packets is priced at Rs300.

To place an order, call 90215 94555 or email