Mumbai’s 21 Best Sandwiches

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Two years ago, when we did our first round-up of the city’s best sandwiches, we polled our readers to chime in with their favourites. This year, we’ve bolstered our list with picks from you (marked Reader’s Recommendation) as well as chefs (Chef’s Pick) and proprietors (Owner’s Pride) who made a compelling case for their sandwich of choice. Faced with a dauntingly long list of about 50, we then set about sampling through them all, removing those that we thought were just okay, or for hygiene reasons, seemed a bit suspect. Some we were saddened to find had been cut from menus (Cafe Pico, please bring back your chicken pesto), while a few were added on quite unexpectedly after investigative trips to other places. This time around, we’ve also got recipes for four of the sandwiches on the list, and a document of a day in the life of a Mumbai sandwichwallah. Did we leave out any you love? Or included your all-time fave? Tell us in the comments section.

1. Mixed Vegetable Toastie, Mohan’s Sandwich Stall READER’S RECOMMENDATION
The constant halting of cars by this nameless toastie stall on Linking Road, which is open daily from 12.30pm to 9pm, is a resounding sign of its popularity. You can customise your toastie by choosing your ingredients or ask Mohan, the sandwich maker who has manned the stall for eight years, to throw in everything. We chose the crisp, buttery toastie layered with all their fillings—masala potatoes, capsicum, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber and cheese—a sandwich that’s topped off with a spoonful of piquant coriander and mint chutney. Rs35.
Opposite Shoppers Stop, outside the Dollar Shop, Linking Road, Bandra (West).

2. Goa Sausage Chilli Fry With Poyee, Cafe Goa at The Den
This lip-smacking dish, which you convert into a sandwich by spooning the chilli fry into the two hot poyees (crusty, burger bun-sized Goan bread) smeared with melted butter, is listed under the main courses at Cafe Goa. This is with good reason. The portion of Goan sausage, cooked with onions and potatoes to absorb the spice and oil, is large enough to make for a hearty meal when eaten alone, or one of the city’s favourite bar foods when shared with friends. Rs290.
Shops No.3 & 4, 
Prabhat Kunj,
 24th Road,
 near The Elbo Room,
 Bandra (West). Tel: 2648 3136.

3. Mushroom and Onion Savoury Sandwich, Badshah Snacks & Cold Drinks
This sandwich should be suffixed with “spicy” rather than “savoury” but thankfully a Royal falooda is never too far away to help temper the fiery kick of the onion and button mushroom filling sauteed with chilli powder. We only wish it wasn’t so darn greasy. Rs60.
Crawford Market. Tel: 2342 1943, 2342 5950.

4. Chorizo Bagel, The Bagel Shop
An artery-challenging combination of bread, cream cheese and tender pieces of spicy pork sausage that has been lightly sauteed with onions and tomatoes so that it cooks in its own fat. An indulgence worth both the potential weight gain and the slightly hefty price. Rs341.
30 Pali Mala Road, off Carter Road, Bandra (West). Tel: 2605 0178.

5. Avocado Chicken with Basil and Burnt Garlic, Paninaro
It’s a guacamole sandwich at heart, a creamy avocado-tomato-onion mixture that’s bolstered with shredded chicken, smoky garlic, cheese and a sticky balsamic vinaigrette. Rs140.
Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel. Tel: 6565 5570; CR2 Mall, Ground Floor, Nariman Point. Tel: 6565 5571.

6. Classic Egg Sandwich, Big Sandwich Company
At the Big Sandwich Company, you can opt for a super-sized version of any of their offerings. We recommend their breakfast-appropriate classic egg sandwich, an oregano-garnished fluffy omelette stuffed between toast smeared with mayonnaise. Equally appealing is their sinful grilled chocolate sandwich where three layers of crisp, buttered toast are glued together with a rich dark chocolate spread, which they make in house. Rs60 for a small grilled chocolate sandwich; Rs40 for a small classic egg sandwich.
Shop No.6, Greenland Apartment, J. B. Nagar, Andheri (East). Tel: 3209 1956.

7. Fresh Tomato and Bocconcini Sandwich, The Tasting Room
Melted mozzarella smushed between whole wheat bread and coated with dollops of pesto, tomato and lettuce, this sandwich is sublime primarily for its simplicity. Rs250.
Good Earth, First Floor, Raghuvanshi Mills, 11-12 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel. Tel: 6528 5284.

8. Pulled Pork Belly with Chorizo, Cafe at the NCPA
You’ll need to bib yourself to wrestle with this heaping sandwich without coating your clothes and fingers with the sticky char siu sauce. No matter, digging in and getting dirty is half the fun—pulled pork is heaped on a baguette, and then sprinkled with dollops of a sweet blueberry balsamic, tempura sprouts, caramelised onions and crispy slices of chorizo. Rs490.
Gate No. 2, National Centre for the Performing Arts, next to Amadeus, Nariman Point. Tel: 6723 0110.

9. Brie and Caramelised Onion Sandwich, Café Zoe
This sandwich is a testament to how sometimes, you need no more than just three carefully chosen elements to create a snack that’s bursting with flavour. A warm, flaky croissant is halved and loaded with red wine-soaked caramelised onions, a thick slice of gooey Brie and arugula. Get the recipe here. Rs250.
Mathuradas Mills Compound, 126 N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel. Tel: 2490 2065.

10. Chicken Afghani Sandwich, Eat Around The Corner
The calorie-conscious will take a shine to this healthy spin on the standard-issue chicken mayonnaise sandwich. Here, lightly grilled multi-grain bread is stuffed with a filling of diced pieces of boiled chicken mixed with a thick, garlicky yoghurt dip flavoured with spring onions and black pepper. Rs190.
Ground Floor, 110 Cyrus House,
 near St. Theresa School, 
junction of 24th Road and 30th Road, 
Bandra (West). Tel: 2600 6717.

11. Idli Sandwich, A. Rama Nayak & Sons Udipi OWNER’S PRIDE
When it comes to reinventing the idli, nobody does it better than the owners of Matunga’s udipis. At A. Rama Nayak & Sons, you can order idli served in the form of a sandwich that encloses sliced tomato and a mildly spicy coconut and garlic chutney. The crumbly triangular idlis are served with a bowl of tangy sambar. Rs60.
461-A, Ram Nivas, King’s Circle, opposite Maheshwari Udyan, Matunga. Tel: 2401 0571.

12. BLT, Indigo Deli
The very name suggests a simplicity of execution, but of the dozen or so restaurants that attempt the BLT, only Indigo Deli comes closest to getting it right with their combination of a thick layering of crispy Spanish bacon, tomato slices, iceburg lettuce and a mere smear of mayo. Ask for whole wheat bread instead of a baguette. Rs465.
Ground Floor, Pheroze Building, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharishi Marg, Apollo Bunder, Colaba. Tel: 6655 1010. Also at First Floor, Palladium Mall, Phoenix Mills Lower Parel.

13. Kurkure Sandwich, Bablu Sandwich READER’S RECOMMENDATION
Bablu’s toastie offerings span from the wafer-cheese to a Schezwan grilled, but it’s the Kurkure that’s probably the most unique: a hefty slab comprising three slices of bread layered with capsicum, boiled potatoes, cheese and tomato sauce and powdery twigs of the popular Kurkure snack all grilled together and topped off with another sprinkling of Kurkure and shredded cheese. Rs45.
Priyanka Fast Food, across from the back entrance of the Air India building, Nariman Point. Tel: 91724 73944, 98199 51191.

14. Lamba Pao and Chota Kebab, Hindustan Hotel and Amir Khan Bakery CHEF’S PICK
Here’s what you do. You get to Hindustan Hotel on Mohammed Ali Road between 6am and 11am or 6pm and midnight on any day of the week, go up to the counter to get your token and ask the chap sitting to the left of the restaurant, deep-frying coin-sized mutton mince meatballs, for that very item aka the chota kebab. Then you go to the right of the restaurant to the Amir Khan Bakery and buy your lamba pao, a long strip of bread with interconnected loaves that you break off and stuff with the chota kebab. Add a squeeze of lime and you’ve got a winning snack on the move for the committed carnivore. Chota kebab Rs15 for a dozen, Rs18 for a strip of pao.
Opposite Minara Masjid, Mohammed Ali Road. Hindustan Hotel Tel: 2347 6241, 2347 8066. Amir Khan Bakery Tel: 2347 8026.

15. Basil Chive Grilled Panini, The Mumbai Deli
Generous amounts of lightly cooked zucchini, and red and yellow peppers are sprinkled with herbs, topped with a slice of cheddar and packed into crusty panini slathered with basil pesto. Rs90.
Madhav Bhavan, 
Senapati Bapat Marg,
 opposite Kamala Mills, 
Lower Parel. Tel: 6529 3154.

16. Alpha Plus Grilled Sandwich, New Sardar Hotel
The combination of butter, garlic and cheese would make for a sublime savoury sandwich just by itself. In the Alpha Plus, however, those ingredients are mixed with juicy sweet golden corn, chillies and coriander to create one of the most filling toasties we’ve ever tried. Alternate between dips of the tangy in-house eggless mayo and spicy ketchup. Get the recipe here. Rs60.
Bhiwandiwala Building, Ground Floor, Kalachowki, corner of Dr. B. A. Road and D. L. Marg, Lalbaug. Tel: 2470 1773.

17. Chocolate Sandwich, Om Sai Fast Food
The first thing that impressed about this streetside fast food stall bang in the middle of the footpath was the absence of flies near the food that has office goers in Mahalaxmi flocking here all through the day. The next thing that won our seal of approval was the chocolate sandwich. What better way to combine your main course and dessert than with that old favourite childhood snack, the Nutella sandwich, here given a desi twist by adding butter to the filling and grilling in an old-school toastie. Rs35.
Next to Famous Studio, Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi. Tel: 98699 76416, 99678 24500.

18. Rasta Sandwich, Kala Ghoda Cafe
At heart, the rasta sandwich is just an omelette sandwich, but what an omelette this is—thinly cooked, fragrant with oregano, thyme, rosemary and parsley, it’s sandwiched in soft whole grain bread (ask for it grilled) smeared with ketchup and mayo. The final touch: a crunchy sprinkling of chopped tomato, chilli, coriander and onion. Get the recipe here. Rs125.
10 Ropewalk Lane, opposite Trishna, Kala Ghoda. Tel: 2263 3866.

19. Mutton Toast, Samovar
The kheema paratha is often cited as the stand-out item on Samovar’s menu but the mince, which comes in a tantalising red masala made with tomatoes, onions and cumin, works just as well in a toastie. Served old-school style with a side of wafers. Rs100.
Jehangir Art Gallery, 161-B Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda. Tel: 2284 8000, 2204 7276.

20. Tuna Sesame Sandwich, Smoke House Deli
We could make a daily meal out of this generously portioned and healthful tuna sandwich, in which the canned tuna is mixed with scallions and celery that lend freshness, flavour and crunch. Get the recipe here. Rs320.
Next to Spaghetti Kitchen, High Street Phoenix, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel. Tel: 6561 9618.

21. Roast Tenderloin Sandwich, Yellow Tree Café
A juicy slice of rosemary-rubbed roast beef is topped with mozzarella, enclosed within two slices of brown sandwich bread and then grilled, allowing for the fragrant juices to permeate deep down into the bread. Rs305.
Clove, Junction of 33rd Road and Dr. Ambedkar Road, 
Bandra (West). Tel: 2648 7800.

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