Attend the ‘Occupy Mumbai’ Protest

June 1, 2012 8:10 am by

The scallywags responsible for screwing up our Internet surfing experience by blocking file sharing sites like The Pirate Bay and Vimeo might not get their comeuppance soon enough, but in the meantime, hacker group Anonymous suggests we retaliate by doing what we do best: protesting. The group, which briefly brought down the websites of the Supreme Court of India, and the Congress party in revenge, is organising a peaceful protest on Saturday, June 9 at the Gateway of India Azad maidan. A Facebook page, where thus far 950 people have confirmed their attendance, declares: “If the government doesn’t unblock all websites by Saturday, 9th June 2012 4PM we will retaliate. Every citizen of India is required to be wearing Anonymous’ (Fawkes) mask and assemble in the streets for a peaceful protest on 9th June. Wear black head to toe, download and print Anonymous face mask and wear it.”

The mask incidentally can be put together by following the instructions here. Will you be attending? And more importantly, is there a simpler way to make those damn masks? Tell us in the comments section.

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