Catch ‘The Rat Race’ In Cinemas This Friday

April 19, 2012 8:55 am by

Journalists might have the fifth worst job in the world, but they’ve got nothing on rat killers, a job that has few perks other than the allowance to drink on the job. In Miriam Chandy Menacherry’s award-winning documentary The Rat Race, we’re shown how Mumbai’s rat catchers, often educated men biding time while they find another job, endure the horrific struggle of city life. Menacherry, whose documentary was picked as the winner of a production challenge in Cannes in 2010, says she stumbled upon the subject when she saw an ad for rat killer auditions in the newspaper. After she met a few of them, she realised the subject was perhaps more complex than people, including herself, imagined; her research led her to characters like Behram Harda, a Parsi ward supervisor in Byculla, who had dreams of becoming a Bollywood superstar, but had managed instead to break a world record for most rats caught in a year—that would be 114,000—eventually bagging 2.8 million of the vermin over 34 years. The film, which will release in PVR cinemas in Juhu and Phoenix Mills and BIG Cinema in Ghatkopar this Friday, April 20, will also be shown in tandem with sneak peeks of and discussions on other little-seen international documentaries that rarely make it to India. The only requisite for attending is buying a ticket to watch the following shows of The Rat Race: at 8.30pm on Saturday, April 21 at PVR Juhu; at 7.15pm on Monday, April 23 at PVR Phoenix Mills; and at 6.15pm on Wednesday, April 25 at BIG Cinema in Ghatkopar.