Auto Rickshaw Unions To Demand a Fare Hike

April 9, 2012 8:46 am by

Auto Strike. There are likely to be very few auto rickshaws plying the western suburbs on Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, April 10 as two auto unions will hold a rally to demand a fare hike. At least 30 per cent of rickshaws are expected to stay off the roads over the next two days. There is also a chance of an indefinite rickshaw strike from Monday, April 16, during which union leader Sharad Rao will demand a fare hike of Rs5 in the basic fare and Rs2 for every subsequent kilometre. [The Times of India]

Cheaper Power. Over 10 lakh power consumers in south Mumbai will be able to save 20 to 50 per cent on their monthly electricity bills by switching to Tata Power from BEST, as the former has acquired a permit to lay its own network in the island city. Tata is expected to set up the network within the year. [Hindustan Times]

Net Worth. Wall Street analysts have predicted that Apple will become the world’s first trillion-dollar company when its shares top $1,000 each. Apple’s shares were worth $633.38 last week, as its stock price rose above Google’s for the first time. Currently valued at $590.82 billion, Apple is already the most valuable company in the world. [NDTV Profit]