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March 26, 2012 10:08 am by

For the second time in less than two years, taxi fares in Mumbai were increased last week. According to the new tariff card, which came into effect from Monday, March 19, the fare is Rs17 for the first 1.6 kilometres and then Rs10.50 for each subsequent kilometre. If that sounds too complicated to remember, then just download the new tariff card here.

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  1. Homi E. Marker |

    Please send me new taxi & rickshaw tariff card for Mumbai. Ricksaw tariff cards differ for the same distance.



  2. pervez |

    pls send me new taxi tarif card on my email,because i am geting more problem to pay.
    thanking you

  3. Deepak Rawat |

    Please send me the Latest Auto & Taxi Fare Card for Maharashtra.

  4. zinobia |

    please send me latest auto and taxi fare on my e mail

  5. leena desai |

    Pls email me new tariff card of rickshaw and taxi in Mumbai.

  6. Theophilis Oscar D'souza |

    Please send methe latest taxi & rickshaw fare card

  7. Sasha |

    Please can you also upload the revised auto rickshaw fare card for MUMBAI that has come into effect from April 2012 i.e, every additional km is Rs. 7/- and not Rs. 7.50/-. We are being cheated everyday by the drivers who are carrying fake fare cards and its frustrating because you end up paying a lot more for long distances and even if you tell them, they don’t care.


    pls send me the latest tariff cards for auto and taxi in mumbai

  9. wahid shaikh |

    Rick fare

  10. Ramesh Bheda |

    please send new taxi fare list of Mumbai taxi on my email ID.

  11. TK |

    The link doesnt work.