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March 24, 2012 1:42 pm by

On the opening day of Bandra’s new gourmet burger restaurant, Burgs, we found ourselves in a line full of passionate burger devotees that included such city-based chefs as Hakkasan and Yauatcha’s Irfan Pabaney, and Café Zoe’s Viraf Patel. This wasn’t a crowd that had stumbled upon the restaurant. We overheard a group of four tell Burgs owner Krishna Kilachand that they had regularly driven past the establishment, located next to Subway on Waterfield Road, to see if it had opened. In a city starved of restaurants dedicated to serving what should really be an abundantly available fast food item, the eagerness was hardly surprising. As fellow burger aficionados who have scoured the city to find the perfect burger and have even made frequent trips to Pune’s Burger King (not an outpost of the international chain but a modest namesake in Koregaon Park that serves no-fuss albeit remarkable beef burgers), we too were excited to visit Burgs, which seeks to fill this gap in Mumbai’s ever-growing restaurantscape.

When we finally entered Burgs at lunchtime on Friday, we were surprised by the restaurant’s stark white décor. Our most memorable burger binges in India and abroad have been in pubs or barn-style venues characterised by wood furnishings and warm lighting. As one person in our party of three commented, Burgs looks more like a spa. The detergent-white furniture and walls are bathed in bright light, but fortunately, the look they’ve achieved is more contemporary chic than clinical. Thanks to decorative flourishes such as marine-blue cut-outs pasted on the wall, and LCD screens that play a slideshow of the menu, the feel is informal without being insipid.

We were most keen to try their signature burger, The Burg (Rs190), a minced buffalo tenderloin burger and incidentally, the only one at Burgs that is offered in a regular as well as large size (The Big Burg, which comes with two patties instead of one, see image). The satisfyingly plump and juicy patty was lightly smeared with sunny-yellow Bearnaise sauce (a tarragon-scented emulsified butter and egg yolks sauce), which to us is the perfect accompaniment to steak dinners. Pork lovers will appreciate the goofily named Notorious PIG (Rs199), which is on a par with The Burg. It comprises a soft and yielding bun enclosing a heap of char siu-glazed, melt-in-your-mouth shredded pork topped with strands of caramelised red onions. We didn’t care much for the Birdy Num Num (Rs215), a deep-fried chicken patty with a centre of cheddar; the flavour of the chicken was sadly overwhelmed by ketchup poured over the patty.

Six out of the 15 burgers on the menu are vegetarian, most of which incorporate either potato or cheese. We tried the Mac n Cheese Bomb (Rs195), a crisp, golden-brown potato patty stuffed with our favourite childhood food, and a final layer of creamy cheese sauce. A commendable vegetarian indulgence, the burger succeeds because it preserves the comforting taste of macaroni and cheese. At Burgs they’ve also tinkered with the classic PB&J to give us a peanut butter and jelly milkshake (Rs139), a frothy treat that nails the flavour of the popular snack—without the bread, of course. Less successful is their vanilla and lavender milkshake (Rs139), which tasted more like Rooh Afza (rose syrup) flavoured milk. The sides menu offers onion rings and French fries. Our fresh-out-of-the-fryer onion rings (Rs99) were served with an excellent garlic-infused tangy sauce, made in-house.

For the longest time, wishing for a quality burger joint in Mumbai has been at the top of our wish list and we’re happy to say that Burgs seems to have finally fulfilled that food fantasy. The quality of ingredients is fresh, the flavour profiles are interesting and the pricing is reasonable enough to afford frequent visits to the restaurant. However, as with all good things, there is a catch to eating at Burgs. About 80 per cent of their menu is deep-fried (only five out of 15 burgers have grilled patties) and even though we don’t adhere to either self-imposed or prescribed diets, we don’t see ourselves indulging in such unblushing excess too often.

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Location4/5 New Kamal Co-operative Housing Society
Next to Subway and Mad Over Donuts
Waterfield Road
Bandra (West)

Phone2655 7722

HoursDaily, 11am to 12.30am

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  1. Clyde Yung D'souza |

    Okay i’ve not visited this place yet but now i’m confused. The review says its awesome but I don’t see the people sayin that. And yes all you veg lovers out there – this place isint for you. Get a hold of yourselves and go to an udpi restraunt or something. And all you guys complaining of unhealthy please get off your lazy asses and work out a bit to burn those calories off instead of worrying about how many calories you take in. Even after reading all the bad stuff I still going to give this place a shot atleast once for its beef and pork burgers. If I have a good experience i’ll revisit. If not its bye bye. I may even start a fight there if the food they serve me is stale. I’ve been waiting for a long time now for an outlet that supplies such strengthning food. Now that there is one i’ll go try it.

  2. Ps |

    Ordered home delivery from bandra outlet. They said would take 40 minutes to deliver – the delivery came after 1 hour and 30 minutes. Burgers were cold, had ordered 3 portions of fries, they delivered only 1 but charged for 3. I called back and complained. They said will send across the remains portions of fries. Which were not delivered. In simple words this is called cheating !! Never going back or ordering again.

  3. assad dadan |

    Had the most disgusting burger of all time. The burgs shows a menu which has some amazing pictures which are just gonna tempt you. we ordered a burger called THE BURG which was a beef burger. What came in the tray felt lil smaller in the hand. The epic fail happened when we opened the wrapping. I’m not exaggerating but it look lil a poorer version of Mcdonalds Mcgrill. Firstly stale bun, then thin patty, cheapest slice of green looking tomato and some mayo or sauce. So now lets come back to the basics. I pay 179/- and dont get a good bread, fresh veg and most importantly cheese !! if i made a homemade burger using the best of the best ingredients then two it would not cost me more than 60-70 bucks. Have some shame that you guys take 179/- which is quite a amount than any other burger joint. Please improve otherwise anyways looking at the amount of crowd on sunday it looks like u guys are on a closing. The only good thing to happen was the refund for the stale burger.
    Details of the visit :
    Venue : Bandra Time : 9.00 pm. Date : 20/1/13

  4. I had a terrible experience at Burgs. Absolutely the WORST customer service experience ever. They refused to remove two slices of tomato (which I’m allergic to) from my burger, saying: “It’s company policy, we cannot change our recipe.”

    Full story here:

    No way in hell I’m going back.

  5. K |

    BAD BAD BAD ! Ordered it at my office in Khar.. Had the chicken teriyaki burger it was so slathered in mayonnaise… there was absolutely no flavour whatsoever… It felt like grilled pieces of chopped up chicken with half a bottle of mayo piled on in a bun that was bought from your local kirana ka dukaan with no hint of any teriyaki … The onion rings were passable… And they charge Rs 25 for home deliveries which wasn’t mentioned anywhere ….I am definitely not going back or recommending this place to anyone!

  6. malcolm mukherjee |

    burgers, yes. gourmet? no way. please before we start using words like real connoisseurs, let us understand their meanings first.

    unless of course, you mean,

    “c’mon these are gourmet enough for us those who are brought up on battery chicken burgers of mcdonalds”. a regular greasy diner serves better burgers than this in the US. i guess us being us, we will just lap things up like we are dogs starved for a biscuit.

    gourmet? lol. yeah, right. and this is heston blumenthal signing out.

  7. Susheel Harchandrai |

    Not worth a visit. Burgers get stuck in the throat. McDonald’s is crap but better than this place. Mumbai boss got paid to write a good review I guess

  8. Sunny Singh |

    We went to Burgs on Sunday night. The place was packed with people and there was a queue outside to enter.

    We loved the decor as well. Very fresh and modern.

    Ordered the prawn burger, tenderloin burger, fries, onion rings, vanilla milkshake and peanut butter jelly milkshake. All of these were AWESOME.

    The food took a little time but we were told that this was bcoz everything is fresh made as per order and not left half done. We thought that the wait was well worth it.

    Lets face it. Burgs is not a place for the health conscious!

    Our group of friends are going this sunday as well since we loved it so much.

  9. Hitesh |

    What a bullshit place for vegetarians .Overpriced wada pav’,s. Cheap bread. All fried. No healthy burgers. No vegetables at all.
    Skip this.

  10. Shoots from the hip.. |

    While MB shits all over most new establishments. Here we actually have one that is below the mark (as verified by multiple other bloggers and myself), but somehow you guys give it a rave review.

    MB is dead.

    Super slide to becoming a ridiculous review website.

    Pretty sure, there is serious bias in this review, as with many others.

  11. Mehdi |

    The Burg, a minced buffalo tenderloin burger allllll the wayyy…

  12. Devansh |

    Yeah I completely agree with Dani, Vir and Haha…. this review has me extremely confused too!
    The service was terrible and the food was highly mediocre. Doubt my friends and me would plan a second visit.

  13. Siddharth |

    It would be great if you could include calories of the food items you guys review at all restaurants.

  14. Dani |

    PURVA… WHY!? I love your reviews and agree with you 99% of the time, but this one has me a bit confused. Maybe we had completely different experiences, but the meat in my tenderloin burger was dry and of very low quality. My sister’s shrimp burger was beyond greasy and tasted off, like it had gone bad. I know Burgs is supposed to be low-cost, but I think they cut too many corners in terms of quality in order to meet those low prices. I’d rather pay the cost of an excellent burger like The Table’s than get a good deal on bad food.

  15. say wha! |

    Dude, seriously…. veg burger?
    That’s an oxymoron, dontcha know?
    And the sad surfeit of that abomination in the city is why “Burgs” is a welcome change.

  16. looking forward to trying the veg burgers! This place must be at least decent to have gotten such a satisfying review on Mumbai Boss.

  17. Vir Satyan |

    I can’t help but put in my 2 cents here……the meat in the burgers is barely passable…..service awful and burger combination ideas – laughable at best.

    I’d rather spend the extra bucks at Indigo or Salt Water….even Wendy’s all across America scores more points for their burgers!

  18. Haha |

    wow i felt verrry differently.
    the service wasnt very good and the veg burgs were really not upto the mark at all.
    its a nice place but i wish they tie up the lose ends soon.

  19. Pranav Gandhi |

    The Peanut Butter and Jelly shake is unbelievable. I am not a huge PBJ fan but couldn’t resist the shake..

  20. Veruschka |

    Had a chance to visit ‘burgs’
    Its was awesome! Im so happy there is a place where you can get ‘real’ burgers! im sick of the basic chicken burgers we get everywhere…this was so different, I found myself thinking about it before every meal.
    It was light on the wallet but not light on calories though :)
    Loved it! thanks for reviewing it