Has The City Been Hit By A Dust Storm?

March 21, 2012 2:44 pm by

There are reports filtering in from around the city that we might be experiencing a dust storm. From where we’re sitting, the street outside looks decidedly hazier and browner than usual for 3.30pm. Of course, the Met department has reported that the “sky would be mainly clear” today. Anyone else seeing what we’re seeing?

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Comments (18)

  1. Vander |

    Navi Mumbai ….. is the City Of Dust!!, Sad But True….posting on a very old thread

  2. VZ68 |

    people pls stop over reacting…it was not that major. face it if it comes..

  3. neelam |

    i took notice in d mornin whn my entire house was ful of dust layers i saw out n could nt undrstand whts up wid d weather

  4. Noname |

    Yea i too thought why there was mist late in the evening as i could not see the hill which i normally can from my window…now i know Y….

  5. Mayur |

    Yes it was really hazier u know I was travelling through train from Bhayandar till Goregaon nothing was clear even I noticed that today today the sun was looking very dull there was not that much of shine as usually we have.

  6. faylene pande |

    It has been difficult to breathe since last night, i knew something was wrong :( . Any way lets hope it will pass soon. The air is dusty and visibility is low.

  7. faylene pande |

    It has been difficult to breathe since last night, i knew something was wrong :( . Any way lets hope it will pass soon.

  8. unknown |

    we have been hit by dust storm in pune and weather is going worse to worst. can any1 update me with whats going on???

  9. unknown |

    yes, today 21/3/2012 since morning the weather has been a little dull, dusty, weather the same during morning and evening and a lot of dust around. Its not good to breath in this air so much of dust in the air….

  10. Santosh |

    Normally , the National Park hills which are easily visible from my residence(Borivali East), have disappeared in the haze….

  11. bhumika |

    I am in navi mumbai and its very blurrr eyesite here. I can see from office window that hills are disapprered in dust and visibility is low

  12. Vinay |

    Really really hazy in andheri west as well!

  13. KR |

    I Felt that too… For a second i thought i need to get my eyes checked..

  14. AK |

    Visibility on flyovers and the sea link is really low, my eyes are itchy and my mouth tastes like dust. Pthoo!

  15. Akshay Chheda |

    Similar weather in Kutchh region of Gujarat yesterday.
    Incidently, read this http://gizmodo.com/5895086/how-can-this-aircraft-supercarrier-be-in-the-middle-of-a-desert-storm just 20 mins back and seems like its been travelling from somewhere in the Middle East over the Arabian Sea, into the north western coastline of India.

  16. Shreya |

    This dust storm has hit Delhi too! It was terrible yesterday. Though it’s tad better today, some dust still remains :-/