Air Fares Set To Increase

March 12, 2012 8:32 am by

Air Fare Hike. Indian passengers may soon have to pay 20 to 30 per cent more on air travel if a proposal to hike charges is approved by the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority. An increase in airport charges, carbon emission tax, and jet fuel prices are likely to drive up fares. Mumbai and Delhi airports have asked for a hike of 500 per cent and 800 per cent respectively in airport charges levied on airlines. [The Times of India]

Unused Funds. Government data shows that the Maharashtra government is yet to use over 50 per cent of funds allotted for development works for the 2011-12 financial year, which will conclude in three weeks. Key departments like urban development, housing, revenue and forest, and medical education feature in the list of worst performers. About Rs26,134 crore remains unused. [The Times of India]

Criminal Records. According to data gathered by the Association for Democratic Reforms and National Election Watch, more than one-third of the politicians elected in the recently concluded assembly polls have criminal cases against them, with UP MLAs topping the list. There has been an eight per cent increase in the number of legislators with a criminal past and over 32 per cent increase in the number of crorepati MLAs, as compared to the 2007 polls. Manipur is the only state with not a single elected candidate with a pending criminal case. [Economic Times]

Match Fixing. On Sunday, March 11, The UK’s Sunday Times published details of a sting operation on a Delhi-based bookie who claimed that last year’s World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan at Chandigarh was rigged. Vicky Seth, described as “one of Delhi’s most influential bookmakers” was recorded making this claim during a drinking session with an undercover reporter from the publication. Seth also said that a Bollywood actress was used by bookmakers as a honey trap to tempt cricketers into corruption. “Attractive girls are the ideal choice to cosy up to players and to persuade them to work for bookmakers,” a bookie was quoted as saying. [The Hindu]