Food Review: Breakfast at Suzette

March 2, 2012 2:24 pm by

Suzette, Bandra.

At 9.30am today, we walked into the ten-day old Bandra branch of creperie Suzette, to find it half full with smiling customers, some of whom were sporting slim coffee foam moustaches and breadcrumbs scattered over their crisp work shirts. Suzette begins serving breakfast at 9am, which is the perfect time for members from Gold’s Gym across the road to head here for a post-workout, protein-packed repast. The menu features crepes, yoghurt and granola, smoothies, teas and coffees, all of which make up the all-day breakfast selections also offered at the Nariman Point flagship. With the launch of their Bandra outpost, the creperie’s French owners have added eggs to the breakfast menu, which are served only until 11.30am. You can choose from omelettes or eggs that are baked, scrambled, soft-boiled or cooked sunny-side up.

Both our omelettes, the fresh cream and herbs (Rs80), and the ham and Emmental (Rs150), were whipped to a fluffy consistency. While the former was lightly seasoned, the latter was the more memorable of the two. The combination of juicy ham, sharp cheese and soft eggs is bound to make it to our list of regular orders. The baked eggs are easily Suzette’s trump card over other breakfast venues in Bandra. The oeufs en cocotte, where the white of the egg is well cooked and the yolk is runny, are served in puck-sized ramekins that undergo a swift journey from oven to plate to customer. We opted for the creamed spinach baked eggs (Rs130) that are excellent to smear over the crisp multi-grain toast or lightly toasted pao that is served with all the egg dishes.

If you prefer a lighter start to the day, get the crunchy granola with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit coulis (right now they only serve strawberry), which thankfully had no trace of sugar. We washed down the meal with a superlative hot chocolate (Rs120) made using Callebaut’s delicious dark chocolate and milk. On days we need cheering up, we plan to turn to this warm, rich and silky beverage for solace. Alas the pace of service at Suzette is leisurely, so we suggest you only head here for breakfast on days you can be late to work.

This review was conducted anonymously.

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LocationSt. John Street
Opposite Gold's Gym
Pali Hill
Bandra (West)


Shop 1A
Ground Floor, Atlanta Building
Nariman Point

PhoneBandra: 2641 1431 and Nariman Point: 2288 0055

HoursBandra: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 11pm; Monday closed. Nariman Point: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 11pm, Sunday closed.

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  1. Sharon |

    Awesome food pls open more branches and go national. Such healthy food ideal for ones health conscious lifestyle!!!

  2. kev17 |

    I have been to the Suzette location in both NM and Bandra and find the Bandra one to be slightly better.

    I had a very disappointing meal at the NM Suzette many months ago with the A/C leaking on our table – we sat next to the cash counter and apparently the A/C had been leaking for a few days- Also, yes the place was dirty and No, there isnt an excuse for having mosquitos indoors. There are tons of other restaurants in this city and there arent mosquitos in those restaurants. The owner needs to learn to take criticism and own up to bad customer service. When one pays a certain price you expect a certain service in tune with that price. The price of the crepe with its markup justifies a mosquito free place at the very least. The markup of 1 crepe sold could buy an insect spray that lasts for a few hours each day if you use it VERY generously.

    And to the friends of the owner who are posting here- please realize that your friends are running a commercial establishment and if they get critique, they dont need you to protect and speak for them. If they give bad customer service, they need to be walked out upon – And if Nidhi is accurately stating that the owner was rude with her, its only more dignified to get off and walk away. I too would do the same. Its humiliating to have to sit through an arrogant egotistical owner shrugging you off with excuses.

    I certainly am not eating here again. Not that anyone has been rude to me but knowing that they were rude to a customer and shrugged her off makes me want them to learn to accept their faults and adhere to good customer service practices !

  3. Kevin |

    I think we all agree here on the quality of the service provided by Suzette.

    Their popularity and recognition in the hospitality business say it all.

    Riddhi forgot one (small) detail in her vomit:
    the same day, the BMC had turned the whole street upside down with bulldozers, making the street look like a trench during WWII.

    After reading Riddhi’s refine style, I wouldn’t be surprise to know that she made that comment to Antonia consciously, just to piss these “white necks who should go back to their country” off.

    Let’s talk about what matters: the food.

    Today I’ll have the “nord” crepe, so refreshing!

  4. Aatish |

    So many comments in just one day! Looks like the Suzette team rallied their troops. Good damage control, albeit, it could have been more subtle.

    And it is interesting how it’s considered “racist” to point out to a foreigner a simple fact – that if you don’t like the city you are living in (by choice!) you might want to reconsider your options. Of course, when they treat us nastily, well, that is not ‘racism’, not at all!

    And for all those who are so impressed that they speak Hindi – well, why the hell should they not? Most countries (notoriously France, where they refuse to speak any other language) expect you to atleast have a basic proficiency of their language, if you choose to migrate, then why should India be any different?

    Its about time we stop seeing ourselves as second-class citizens and be awestruck that a foreign national residing in India is doing us an honor by speaking our language.

    It would be interesting to see what Riddhi Walia has to say about all the people attacking her (Defamation Suit – talk about being overdramatic!) when, honestly, all I can see is someone who mentioned, quite vividly, a bad experience she had!

  5. souren |

    Riddhi Walia, which side of the bed did you get up on when you wrote your post on Suzette?

    FYI: Anotonia worked for Pratham before she started Suzette and was being served up with your insults and racist comments. This should tell you a little more about the person you seem so pleased to vilify in a public forum.

    Also FYI on her status: her c0-proprietor and husband Jeremie is a lawyer so you might want to consider the ramifications of a defamation suit.

    Also BTW: I go to the cafe at Nariman Point from time to time and didn’t notice any mess on the floors or mosquitoes and have always enjoyed the food and hospitality of the proprietors.

    Next time you are having a bad day, just stay home and send nasty emails to yourself. This is great therapy and forces you to be less obnoxious.

  6. mohit |

    I am from outside Mumbai and have had occasion to visit Suzette. Apart from the delicious crepes and most yummy hot chocolate – what is most compelling about Suzette is the warmness of the hosts and the attention to detail which they shower on every aspect of making their customers experience delightful. It made the experience that much more wonderful! It is difficult to receive that kind of personal attention in most Indian eateries (Whipped in Delhi is one place where the owner is quite warm and helpful) and is a refreshingly positive aspect about Suzette! Suzette is a must visit for me each time I visit Mumbai!

    It is in this light that I find Riddhi Walia’s comments most surprising and difficult to believe. Perhaps if she had a chance to actually eat Suzette’s food – that alone would have ensured that her hate filled and prejudiced comment would not have been posted.

    To other readers – Suzette serves some of the best crepes I have eaten anywhere in the world – a must try if you happen to be in Mumbai!!

  7. Veerangana Solanki |

    Suzette is one of the best things to have happened to Mumbai! Delicious menu, superb service – personalised and homely – I find it impossible to believe that someone would dislike Suzette or its marvellous team! (@Riddhi!)
    With the dedicated and sincere efforts of Antonia, Jeremie and Pierre they have not only opened the best creperie in town, but have endeared themselves to Mumbai and the locals (they all speak immaculate Hindi!), making one look forward to experiencing Suzette again and again and again….

  8. Deepak Shahdadpuri |

    I do not regularly post on this site but I felt like I should given the recent messages.

    I think I must be one of Suzette’s most loyal customers and take my kids to the NP branch on Saturdays for breakfast and drop by for lunch of dinner a few times a month. I usually go for the crepes by before the Mumbai Marathon I discovered their Pesto Pasta which I loaded up on before my run. The food is fantastic and the place has the perfect vibe when you want to unwind.

    Over the period I have become friends with Pierre, Jeremie and Antonia and have had them over at home. They will also tell you how critical I can be of their menu, product and service with me often giving constructive feedback (some may take this as complaining). Running a restaurant is a tough business and all three of them have taken my criticism in a very constructive manner.

    I wasn’t at the outlet but all I wanted to say is that based on my personal experiences with them, I find it very surprising that any one of them would react in the manner Riddhi described. And all I would ask is to visit any of the outlets and experience Suzette for yourself :-)

  9. Gaargi |

    I cannot oversell the quality of the food and service at Suzette, whether it is in Nariman Point or Bandra. It is spectacular. This is one of the only restaurants I know in this city that hit quality on both every single time.

    People, please try their new smoozie – belgian chocolate, banana and milk. And yes, the nutella crepe too! Jeremie, Antonia and Pierre – thank you for your kindness, creativity hospitality and overall awesomeness!

  10. anm2105 |

    I was born and raised in Mumbai, and have been from everything to Wasabi to street-side stalls. I love Suzette – it’s a great place and the service has been unquivocally terrific. What I find unequivocally unsavory, however, is how ENTITLED everyone in Mumbai feels to perfect service – service that’s provided by people (read: human beings. Humans are inherently flawed) who work very hard to do things right. And entitled to act in ways that make it incredibly difficult for people to do their jobs. So what if something goes off one day, nobody’s perfect, no establishment is perfect and I think the vitriol expressed in the post above is totally out of line and, frankly, childish.

    Obviously I don’t blame anyone for pointing out dirt on the floor, but if the restaurant staff moved immediately to correct the situation, I’m not sure why there’s a problem in doing so. What’s the alternative – leave the dirt there and not do anything? Would that have been better? As for the mosquitoes – excuse me, but they’r EVERYWHERE in outdoor establishments. Have you been to Olive lately?

    I am surprised that any of the Suzette partners would kick anyone out – and I’ve seen them deal with some of the most difficult, entitled people in this city and go out of their way to accomodate them without so much as a whimper. Frankly, it sounds to me like someone was being a difficult customer and Antonia was at the end of her tether – remember that the Bandra branch had just been attacked for no reason by the BMC. Sure, her reaction may have been out of line (I don’t know the full story – just what’s posted here). But you know what? Everyone has bad days, including the person who was kicked out.

    And, for those of you insulted by a ‘gora’ commenting on how dirty Bombay is – deal with it and open your eyes. This city is filthy, about as filthy as the racism inherent in your comment.

    With that said, Suzette’s a great place to be – for lunch, dinner and everything in between. I’m getting fatter because of it, but you know what? I’m not complaining. And I’m pretty sure 99% of their customers aren’t either.

  11. vikrant |

    I have been customers of Suzette since the place opened in Nariman Point and fell in love with this wonderfully soulful place which served French cuisine. Recently I visited the place in Bandra also and were impressed that the best standards of hospitality were being maintained.

    I have known the owners- Antonia and Jeremie for sometime now and have interacted with them closely. Let me tell you something about them. Before they started this hotel, they studied social sciences in one of the premier university in India and have efforlessly worked in the sectors that are helping to bridge the gap between the progressed India and the Bharat that needs to be part of so called development. They have travelled all over India and have truly fallen in love with this wonderful country of ours. Through their travels and exposure they understand us Indians very well. The result for this can be seen as the food at Suzette is carefully nurtured to pamper the Indian palate. It was through them that I realised that the best ambassadors for our country and culture are people like them who take effort to work and make this country a home away from home.

    Your comment, Riddhi, wherein you have so annimatedly used intemperate language is highly insuinating as it colors the person with a racist and a jingoist flavor where none exists.

  12. Dhaval |

    Have been to both, the NPT one and the newly opened Bandra one about 2 weeks back. The comments above come as a serious surprise since the Bandra branch is cosier than the nariman point one! About mosquitoes… I was there in the evening and not a single one was buzzing around.

    More importantly, the bandra menu was more elaborate than ever, with the same absolutely delicious crepes. Let alone Mumbai, specially being vegetarian I’ve had trouble getting better savoury and sweet crepes in Paris!

    A good crepe with a sinful hot chocolate on your mind… there’s only one… no… two places to be… Suzette Bandra and Suzette Nariman Point.

  13. Aatish |

    @Riddhi…Wow! Cant believe that actually happened to you. I’ve been to the one in town and had a perfectly good experience. Been eagerly wanting to try the one in Bandra.
    However, if true, I agree that yelling and asking you to leave is no way to respond to a complaint. And of course, a negative comment about Bombay (even if its true) from a “gora” would bring out my inner patriot and I too would question their motives!

  14. Riddhi S Wallia |

    Let me tell you a story,
    I went to Suzette this morning. The place was filthy as can be not only outside but also inside. But naturally, I brought it to the immediate attention of one of the waiters. To my amazement, another picked up a broom and started to sweep the floor right in my presence whilst folks at another table were digging into their delectable crepe (I am told they know their food. Do read on to learn, sadly, why I was unable to actually eat it).

    As if the ‘broom concert’ was not enough I was then, most unwillingly, made a guinea pig to the theatrical performance of the owner, Antonia when I brought the ‘mess’ in her restaurant to her notice. Antonia had cleary woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (or perhaps over dosed on some ‘crap’ oooppps ‘crepe’). The minute she heard me on the mosquitoes doing a monkey dancing on my head (there were 3 in sight even when I was speaking with Antonia), she exclaimed ‘So what, the full city is dirty. What can I do!’. Well madame or mademoiselle (I dont know what that status is) if my city is dirty then why do you live here and worse of all why do you open a restaurant here?! So much for bringing a simple fact to her notice. Wonder what would happen someone told her that the food was not good (allow me to reiterate that I did not try any!). I got a earful, would they get a mouthful?

    She was on a roll and didnt stop there, she went on to say ‘If you dont like this, then you should not eat here’. I had enough and simply said ‘You are right, I should not eat here’. Post which I excused myself..

  15. Neha |

    Loved the ambience, the apple+goat cheese crepe, the very satisfying hot chocolate and Pierre.