Yogurtland To Open In Kemps Corner

February 29, 2012 2:01 pm by

6th Street Yogurt, a new frozen yoghurt store, which opened in Kemps Corner last week, will soon have a competitor in Yogurtland, which will open across the road from Shalimar Hotel. According to information on their Facebook page, Yogurtland will use fresh ingredients and will not add sugar to their fruit-flavoured frozen yoghurts, parfaits and sundaes. Hawaiian pineapple punch, blueberry, strawberry, and plain yoghurt are among the flavours that will be on offer at the store. That, incidentally, would bring the city’s total fro-yo outlet tally to eight. This Yogurtland is not to be confused with the American chain of frozen yoghurt stores by the same name, although their logos do look somewhat similar. Shop No. 4, Joshi House, opposite the Shalimar Hotel, Kemps Corner.