Food Review: 6th Street Yogurt

February 21, 2012 1:59 pm by

“How does it compare to Yogurtbay?” asked a friend about 6th Street Yogurt, the new 150 square feet frozen yoghurt store in Kemps Corner that we visited over the weekend. It’s all she wanted to know, and given Yogurtbay’s immense popularity, it was a question we had anticipated. For those asking, in terms of the pricing and the quality of the yoghurt and the toppings, the two are just about on par.

At 6th Street Yogurt, which is located across the road from Parsi General Hospital on Warden Road, they use imported fruit paste made with whole fruit and sugar as opposed to the fruit pulp, natural yoghurt and skimmed milk used at Yogurtbay. Like at Yogurtbay, they don’t use additional artificial sweeteners at 6th Street, and as a result, their yoghurt is not cloying. You can choose from four flavours: original, raspberry, strawberry and chocolate. (Later this week, 6th Street Yogurt will start serving smoothies, and next week, they will add waffles to their offerings.)

The original and strawberry flavours are excellent. The sweet and tart original (plain yoghurt) flavour was the creamiest of the four while the strawberry, though not speckled with real strawberry pulp like at Yogurtbay, tasted of real fruit as opposed to an essence. If you prefer tart flavours, go with the raspberry. Sadly, the chocolate yoghurt tasted as though it was made with chocolate that had a low percentage of cocoa. You can sweeten each flavour further by choosing one or more of over 25 toppings that include chocolate or fruit poppers, chocolate buttons, Oreo cookie crumble, fresh fruits, fruit compotes, rum and raisins and marshmallows. The molten Ferrero Rocher sauce, dark cherry compote, rum and raisins and the citrus fruit poppers are the best of the lot, and taste just as good with any of the flavours. If you’re baffled by the choice, we recommend pairing the original with the decadent Ferrero topping; the strawberry with the citrus fruit poppers; and the chocolate with the dark cherry compote.

Yogurtbay, which has an outpost in Breach Candy, has a worthy competitor in 6th Street Yogurt. They needn’t worry too much, however, because as far as flavour innovation is concerned, they’re still in the lead with their rotating selection of dessert-flavoured frozen yoghurts like blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu, and peanut butter and jam. If you’re looking for an alternative however, you couldn’t do much better than 6th Street Yogurt.

Prices start at Rs40 for a small cup of frozen yoghurt and at Rs20 for toppings. This review was conducted anonymously.