Suzette To Open In Bandra Next Week

February 14, 2012 11:41 am by

Nariman-point creperie Suzette is set to open in Pali Naka in Bandra next week. The restaurant, which specialises in sweet and savoury crepes, salads and breakfast items, will open next door to Indian restaurant Papa Pancho, across the road from Gold’s Gym. In terms of the decor and food, the south Mumbai branch and Bandra outpost are practically the same. The latter can, however, accommodate 30-35 people as opposed to 25 at the Nariman Point restaurant. The owners tell us they will add new crepes, smoothies and juices to the menu, which will be available at both Nariman Point and Bandra, from next week. In addition to all-day breakfast, Suzette in Bandra will also have free wi-fi.

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LocationSt. John Street
Opposite Gold's Gym
Pali Hill
Bandra (West)

Phone2641 1431

HoursMonday to Saturday, 9am to 11pm; Sunday closed

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  1. Nandita |

    I am extremely upset to be writing such a review but it really needs to be done. I use to frequent this place every week sometimes twice a week- I don’t like familiarizing myself with owners or the staff and you’ll understand why I have said this once you read below.

    So, it was four of us girls and we had first called for a watermelon mint and peach & grape smozzies (season for peaches). The drinks came at the same time and the watermelon mint juice was brownish in colour and tasted watery and sour, as if it had gone bad. The peach and grape was extraordinarily sour and tasted of seeds and nothingness. We called the waiter and returned it- which apparently was an insult to the owners because two men walked out looking rather offended. They told us that they tasted the drink and they liked it- (Excuse me, I didn;t realize you were serving yourself and that you were the customers) There was a lot of back and forth basically a French ‘pompous’ man trying to teach us what smoothies/ juices taste like. Then the other friend of mine and me decided to try the Iced tea, one of the owners came out and said I’m not sure if you will like it but try a little bit in a glass first and decide, which was very nice of him. The second man came out again and told us that we would not like the Iced tea as it was very French and luxurious in the rudest possible tone- (Excuse me- did not know you owned our taste buds)
    After all of this, he still came back and was very condescending telling us that we shouldn’t be mad and that he is not making us pay for it. Firstly if you want to run a business in India, please do not insult Indians by telling us “its french and luxurious and you won’t like it, just because you fail to make a basic smoothie and watermelon juice” and secondly if you want to run a restaurant anywhere in the world-LEARN HOSPITALITY first!! Even thought this was a bad experience after so many good ones- I will not encourage people to go in here, simply because the owners do not know how to treat their customers. And if the owners are reading this, yes you guys are very racists and hopefully sooner then never you guys learn that you are in India, learn to treat US with respect. Antonia and her team need a lesson or two on hospitality!

  2. Christina |

    Super news! Cannot wait :)

  3. AC |

    Such a lovely space. For those who might be wondering … its next to Mia Cucina. Opening on Tuesday! Can’t wait!

  4. Nitin |

    I second the comment above – yayy!
    Kya baat kardi tune mere yaar!

  5. Neysa Mendes |

    Simply put – yayyyy!