Hard Rock Café

December 20, 2011 2:58 pm by

Hard Rock Café is everything you expect an international chain of American resto-bars to be: it’s big (6,000 square feet of former warehouse space); it’s loud (both the volume of the music and the memorabilia filled décor); and it’s unabashedly commercial. The definition of “Hard Rock” is treated loosely, with the Spice Girls’s hot pants on display, and the waiters doing a jig every time “YMCA” is blared over the speakers. And though they host gigs by both cover bands and indie groups twice a week, their biggest nights are the ones featuring internationally renowned dance music DJs and hip hop acts (Wyclef Jean and Bob Sinclar have both played here). The food and drink is better than average though not spectacular, but the portions are generous, making it value-for-money and thus, a natural hit with the Mumbai masses.