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November 28, 2011 8:27 am by

Lager lovers and ale aficionados bemoaning the loss of the Sports Bar in Phoenix Mills have finally got an alternative in the shopping complex. The Irish House, a two-week-old pub located next to California Pizza Kitchen, has the same easy vibe and friendly feel that made Sports Bar such a popular haunt until it shuttered in July last year.

That said, The Irish House, which is owned by the same people who run the Copper Chimney chain of North Indian restaurants, is about as Irish as quizmaster Derek O’ Brien. In the Mumbai pubscape, it fits somewhere between the slightly dive-y Irish Pub in Khar and the five-star sedateness of Dublin at the ITC Grand Central in Lower Parel. The décor is dominantly wood, as it should be, and refreshingly, there isn’t as much as green as we expected. The T-shirts of the waitstaff—which say such cheeky things as “Free beer tomorrow”—are blue. Instead, the Irish elements at The Irish House are in the form of a picture of U2, a caricature of Pierce Brosnan and numerous posters with quotes like “When Irish eyes are smiling, they are usually up to something”.

But there’s no Guinness on the menu, only Murphy’s Irish Stout, and not on tap but in a can, over-priced at Rs750 (the MRP is Rs350). Booze-wise, the thematic country is represented by just Murphy’s, Jameson whiskey and Bailey’s, which you can drink all together in the off-the-menu Irish Carbon shot (though it will set you back a neat Rs1,400). The pub grub includes lamb pie and Irish sergeant potato skins (flavoursome coin-sized appetisers stuffed with corn and Gouda) as well as nachos and “drunken fettucine”, as if to suggest anything becomes Irish if you add enough alcohol to it. (As one of the signs says: “Irish today, hungover tomorrow.”)

In another effort to Irish-ise the offerings, beer pitchers are served in keg-shaped containers, though the 3-litre option (Rs1,000 for Kingfisher) is served in a test-tube, just like at Sports Bar. The menu says you can get both Stella and Hoegaarden on draught but neither was available when we visited. No one seemed to mind because they were happy sipping on their Kingfishers, dancing in their seats to the DJ’s mix of hits by Flo Rida and Edward Maya, or being fed Bacardi shots by one of the waiters.

This was probably because even though the relatively large space was almost filled to capacity—there’s standing room for about 200 people apart from the variously sized tables—the service was quick and the drinks, like our mojito for instance, well mixed. The programming of karaoke nights on Wednesdays, plus the large TV screen, makes us conjecture that the owners (rightfully) decided to fill in the gap created in Phoenix Mill’s drinking options after the closure of Sports Bar. Tryst is for college kids, Canvas for corporate slaves, TGIF and Manchester United Café too cheesy for their own good. The Irish House is for those who don’t take drinking out too seriously. What it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in increasingly-rare-to-find casual charm.

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The Irish House

LocationSecond Floor
Phoenix Mills Compound
Next to California Pizza Kitchen
High Street Phoenix
Lower Parel

Phone4347 1111, 4347 1112

HoursDaily, noon to 1am

Comments (4)

  1. Dipman Roy |

    The Place is all good, but the Staff is ill behaved & ill Mannered, They Cann’t understand the value of customer Loyalty &the importance of good customers in their bar.

    The incident that Happened with me was that i and my friends went to this place and we drank booz from outside & while going in as a loyal customer to them we left our leftover booz at the entry counter.

    and in mid patty i was grabbed out and accused of drinking alcohol bought from outside, which i clearly said i submitted outside.

    the manager in charge could not remember who he caught with the alcohol brought from outside, so he wrongfully accused me of it, taking advantage of my situation & parting me with my group he & his bouncers miss behaved with me and took advantage of my drunk status & accused me of something totally bullshit .

    And wen confronted & for the reason for his misbehaviour he could not provide with a reasonable or any reason for that …

  2. Prem Sokhi |

    Had the most pathetic experience at THE IRISH HOUSE, PHOENIX on Saturday night during the MI vs RCB match. We were a group of 4, and there since 6.30pm ordering enough finger food and drinks.
    But then the manager Salil walks up at 8.15pm and asks us to leave, as he had reserved our table for someone else. And mind ya, we had just ordered another round of drinks. We refused, he asked us to pay a cover charge of Rs.1000/- per head if we wish to continue. We had a huge verbal argument, and this just pissed us off completely.
    So the next time you go there, do check if your table has a ‘time limit’. Else after spending a bomb, you may be asked to cough up a cover charge. Retards!!

  3. swapna gupta |

    Fraudsters . . . Horrible Experience!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I mean it . . . had the worst experience of hospitality service. We 3 gals went to enjoy drinks for birthday. We order Balllatines Finest scotch and starters. The steward poured coke (complimentary with spirits) into the drink which was so flat on soda that the drink tasted like sugar syrup. I complaint the steward and warned him to serve fizzed coke with the next drink but again he got the same flat coke and without our acknowledgment poured it and spoilt the second drink as well. He said that they use coke dispenser and not bottles and would serve the same no fizz coke. I was annoyed and complaint the manager and asked him to serve me a can of coke. He agreed to serve and later the waiter comes and says that they would charge for the coke which was really pissing. The waiter was so annoying that he kept coming every next minute to the table to pick up tissues spoons and dishes. My friend was still eating her meal and he came more than 5 times to take off her dish. I really didn’t understand what was his problem, either he was a new guy or wanted us to order more food even though we had ordered four dishes.
    The height was when we placed the last order and instead of Ballantines scotch he served us some cheap quality whisky thinking that we would not be able to recognize the difference in taste. When I complaint the manager he refused to accept. We were 100% sure that we were served something else so I even bet him that I would pay double the bill if I was wrong so he went a little low on his fake confidence and said that he would check the CCTV footage and as expected he returned back saying that the drinks were not mixed. When I asked him to show the CCTV coverage he refused to show and say “m’am your first drink was Ballantine” when I had clearly told him in the beginning that the issue was with the last drink and then he says ” oh I thought you complaint of all the drinks”. To escape and prove himself right like a foolish he got an empty Ballantines bottle saying that this bottle was served to us and I still wonder how was he trying to prove that?????? He further got a shot glass and poured few drops that were sticking to the empty bottle and asked me tp taste which obviously was Ballatines. I asked him as well to taste both the drinks to see the difference to which he said he was fasting. I told him to get any guy from the floor to taste the difference to which again he refused. We made a bill of 8k and this is the kind of customer service we got. I really wonder how IRISH House affords to give this kind of service for the brand it is!!!
    Dear Manager (though I can refer you by your name and easily take you class) I hope u know something called as “customer service”. If I was persistent that the wrong drink was served u could have simply said “We have served the right drink but if you are unsatisfied we could replace the drink”. I too run a restaurant at Fort and it is not much if I expect these basic etiquettes from you.

  4. rajvsn |

    Nice place, good music and ambience but CHECK YOUR BILL CAREFULLY!!!

    They made a mistake while billing our order by charging us an extra drink which wasnt ordered but refused to accept their mistake for about 20 minutes.
    The waiter finally realized he’d done something wrong and rectified it but the manager insisted that the mistake was not their fault.
    The manager was rude and obnoxious which made the overall experience a painful one.

    Please check the contents of your bill carefully, they probably hope you’ve had enough to drink that you wont realized you’re being charged extra.