Westside Introduces A New Gourmet Foods Division

April 14, 2011 2:24 pm by

Last week, the Tata Group, which owns the department store chain Westside, launched Gourmet West, a gourmet foods section within their flagship store at Kala Ghoda. Something along the lines of a Godrej Nature’s Basket, the store stocks a variety of gourmet products plus a limited range of fresh produce, packaged goods (chips, biscuits, etc), and home and bath products (shampoos, khadi soaps). Its main draw however is its selection of Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian food products. The ground-floor space—it occupies roughly half of it— has an entire aisle dedicated to Italian food such as pasta, flavoured olive oils, bottled pasta sauces, olives and Italian herbs. The Japanese section includes sushi maki sets, Teriyaki marinades, cooked sushi rice, sushi vinegar, Kikkoman soy sauces and wasabi tubes. From China, there’s Hoisin sauce, black bean sauce, buckwheat noodles, rice wine vinegar and plum sauce. The cold storage section boasts a wide range of fresh and packaged cheeses including Brie, Emmental and feta and packaged cold cuts and sandwich meats such as turkey, prosciutto and chorizo.

Much like the UK’s Marks and Spencer Food (the stores run by the foods division of the British department store chain), Gourmet West sells a few lunch-on-the-go options such as packed salads (Moroccan couscous) and sandwiches (corn and bellpepper) catered by Moshe’s, which also supplies them with breads, muffins, desserts, cookies, preserves and sauces (like their popular harissa). For breakfast-on-the-run, there’s a make-your-own cereal bowl counter with oats, muesli and wheat flakes that you can pair with milk chocolate squares, oatmeal cookie crumbs or almonds. Unlike M&S Food where the bulk of the products are of the M&S brand, Westside has just one in-house food label—CocoaWest, their brand of gourmet chocolates. Westside is reportedly looking to launch Gourmet West across its stores in the city soon.